Cellgevity Supplement: The Dosage For Different Illness, Where To Get The Product And All You Must Know

Here, we will be sharing all you need to know about Cellgevity, the dosage and where you can get the product.

What is Cellgevity?

Cellgevity is either a drug or medicine but a food supplement that contains RIBOCEINCE and 12 other synergististic ingredients that are needed by the body to continue producing GLUTATHIONE.

Let’s talk about some sensitive words like RIBOCEINCE and GLUTATHIONE



RIBOCEINE is a medical breakthrough technology developed by a leading medical chemist, Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa that contains D. Ribose and L. Cysteine to produce a compound that successfully delivers Cysteine direct into the cells. Before this breakthrough, many scientists for many decades have been trying without success to figure out how to deliver the amino acid Cysteine into the cells because of its fragile nature. Cysteine is the most important ingredient that is required by our body to continue producing GLUTATHIONE but our cells cannot get enough of it from the foods we eat because of our complex digestive system.



GLUTATHIONE is not a drug, it is a compound that is produced naturally in our body. Apart from food, water and oxygen, the next most important molecule you need to live long, look younger and prevent diseases is called GLUTATHIONE. It is possible that you have never heard of it before and, or your doctor never told you about it before. This could be because GLUTATHIONE is not like Vitamin C or other drugs that you heard of and is being sold at the pharmaceutical shop.

Glutathione is endogenously produced inside the body and each of the trillion cells in the body needs it to stay alive and also to carry out their metabolic functions. Every second of the day, our cells are under attack from germs, bacteria, viruses, pollution, toxins, drugs and oxidative stress.

Glutathione deficiency has been attributed to be the root cause of over 75 chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, poor sexual performance etc. This is why the most important thing to do when concerned with improving your health and winning the battle against chronic diseases is to address the root cause of the disease – low Glutathione level.


How To Register And Become An Associate Or Partner

To become a cellgevity associate you need to be registered and go through the training before you can be accredited to start selling the supplement. Kindly reach out to the number provided below for proper directly and advise.

Physiological Benefits Of Using Cellgevity

  1. Better and deeper sleep.
  2. Faster and more efficient recovery from exercise.
  3. Boosting of the immune system.
  4. Increased mental clarity.
  5. Detoxification of the cells of our bodies.
  6. Stronger immune system.
  7. Higher Glutathione production within the body.
  8. Removal of free radicals and heavy metals within the body.
  9. Protection from harmful toxins and environmental pollutants.
  10. Healthier eyes, skin and hair etc.

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How To Use Cellgevity And The Dosage

The Cellgevity dosage prescribed to ensure the cells are working at optimal levels  and detoxifying free radicals caused by stress from the body is two (2) capsules and it is to be taken twice daily with water. It is always adviced to store your Cellgevity in a cool, dry location to preserve its effectiveness and always remember that Cellgevity is not suitable for people under the age of 18 or nursing and pregnant women. You can get further instruction regarding the usage based on the illness by contacting the representative number provided below.

Cellgevity Side Effects

There are no serious side effects to note because our physiology is different from person to person and responds to ingredients differently. This is natural.

Cellgevity does contain cordyceps which some people are allergic to. But some possible side effect according to individuals, are:

  1. Headaches
  2. Digestive changes or issues
  3. Upset stomach or nausea

There have been very few Cellgevity negative side effect from customers.

Accredited Distributor And Where To Get The Products

Max international is the place has the answer for this wonderful product, after 25 years of research, more than 20 clinical studies and 38 patents, max international brings RIBOCEINE which is 300% more effective than anything else in the world at raising GLUTATHIONE levels in the cell.

Cellgevity is widely known to be powered by RIBOCEINE and 12 other powerful nutrients to provide the most effective way to raise GLUTATHIONE within the cells.

Max international is a US based company where you can order and buy the product. However you can get the product by contacting one of the major supplier in Nigeria for more information on how to buy Cellgevity. Below is the contact details of the distributor and also if you are interested in the registration and also be a partner.

Contact Person

Mrs Lola Adeyemi (A trained and Accredited Cellgevity Associate)

Address: 16 Okota Road Okota Isolo, Lagos Nigeria

Tel Phone: 08128787054

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