Egerton University is the oldest university in Kenya. It is a public university established in 1939. The institution offers courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The school has a number of faculties which include Faculty of Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Education and Community Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Environment and Resource Development, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Agriculture.


The university has lots of courses that can interest anyone. The institution even offers elearning whereby students can apply and get admitted from a distance. Such students can also carry out academic work and be certified from distance. So if you are far away, its not a reason to be excluded from the egerton university learning  community.


Qualified persons (i.e people who meet the institution academic requirements) with appropriate required documents and financial capacity may apply via the institution application page through the online portal. This piece offers to throw more light on portal activities such as school fees payment, course registration and online  results viewing. Please go through the article in its step by step approach.


How To Pay School Fees

School fees payment is the next important step to take after a successful admission process or a new session. To do this, simply carry out the steps below;

  1. Log onto the institution portal
  2. Login into the portal with your registration number and password.
  3. Navigate and click on fees to know your school fees amount and the breakdown.
  4. Proceed to make payment as scheduled by the institution
  5. Ensure you carry out the steps meticulously.



Courses In egerton university You Can Study

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

BA in History

BA in History and International Studies

BA in Communication & Media

Bachelor of Library and Information Studies

BSc in Economics and Statistics

BSc in Criminology and Security Studies

BA in Economics and History

BA in Economics & Sociology

BA in Sociology and Religious Studies

Bachelor of Laws

BA in Peace Education

BA in Kiswahili and Communication

BA in English and Communication.

MA in History

MA in Sociology

MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice

MA in Security Management

MA in Applied Linguistics

MA in English Language and Linguistics

MA in Kiswahili

MA in Literature

MA in Economics

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

PhD in History

PhD in English Language and Linguistics


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PhD in Kiswahili

PhD in Literature

PhD in Economics

PhD in Religious Studies

PhD in Sociology

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Business and Management

Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management

Bachelor of Cooperative Management

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Bachelor of Business Information and Management

B.Ed. (Arts);

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Development & Education);

B.Ed. (Primary);

B.Ed. (Science);

Bachelor of Psychology;

B.Sc. (Agricultural Education and Extension);

B.Sc. (Agriculture and Human Ecology Extension);

B.Sc. (Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design);

B.Sc. (Community Development).

M.A. (Guidance and Counseling)

M.Ed. (Curriculum and Instruction)

M.Ed. (Educational Foundations)

M.Ed. (Educational Management)

M.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling)

M.Ed. (Science Education)

M.Sc. (Agricultural Education)

M.Sc. (Agricultural Extension)

M.Sc. (Community Studies and Extension)

Masters in Measurement and Evaluation

Master of Research and Public Policy

Ph.D. (Agricultural Education)

Ph.D. (Agricultural and Rural Innovation)

Ph.D. (Agricultural Extension)

Ph.D. (Community Studies and Extension)

Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology)

Ph.D. (Curriculum and Instruction)

Ph.D. (Educational Foundations)

Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Ph.D. (Educational Psychology)

Ph.D. (Science Education)

Ph.D. (Mathematics Education)

Ph.D. (Guidance and Counseling)


How To Register Courses

To register courses online, please begin by knowing the courses you are required to registered. Once you know this, you may follow the steps below to register courses online;

  1. Log onto the institution portal
  2. Login into the portal with your registration number and password.
  3. Navigate and click on course registration tab
  4. Select both the session and semester
  5. Select the courses to register them all and verify them all
  6. You may submit it and print the course form for further registration procedure.


How To Check Results Online

To check results online, please follow the steps below;

  1. Visit the institution online portal
  2. Login into the portal with your student registration number and password.
  3. Navigate and click on the course result tab
  4. Select both the session and semester you want to view its results and then submit

Once you click on submit, the next page will be results page. You may print if you wish.

With these information, it is my aim that you are now knowledgeable and can carry out basic portal activities online.

For enquiry or assistance, you may forward your email to or call 0732055523. Students may find assistance in their respective departments


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