Environmental Problems In Nigeria And The Solution

All current environmental issues in Nigeria are closely connected with the population growth. But however, regular consumption tends to lead to pollution and destruction of the environment. Here is the study of the primary environmental problems and solutions that may improve the situation in Nigeria.

Current Environmental Problems In Nigeria

The country Nigeria is a big country with beautiful nature, small and large rivers with large forests inhabited by animals and birds. And as the most populous black nations, we are faced with different issues like overpopulation, migration, and as well as problems connected with environmental pollution.

Below Are The Environmental Problems In Nigeria

Water Pollution: Is no secret that Nigeria has a deficit in drinking water. Just check any available water, you will be shocked by the number of bacteria and industrial chemicals on them.

Air Pollution: Every day, millions of vehicles run throughout the country with plenty consumption of fuel and producing exhaust fumes. Having old industrial equipment and a lack of modernization also contribute to air pollution.

Desertification: However, this problem is caused by massive irrigation. And because of this, the country loses kilometres of lands.

Solid Waste: This country happen to be one of those countries with poor management of sanitary infrastructure. This is one of the reasons why people live rather close to wasted areas.

Industrial Waste: Many people are searching for a better life, people create difficulties with accommodation. Because of this, many residents have to settle close to the industrial areas. And as a result, they have to consume water, which contains chemicals, breathe polluted air and eat food with increased nitrates.

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Floods And Erosion

Oil Spills: The people who leave around Niger delta, suffer from oil spills every year. The area is so polluted that the oil is found in the soil, even within five meters from the surface.

Wind Erosion: For areas in the northern part of Nigeria, they are constantly being blown away.

Deforestation: Our high rate of urbanization, the industrial development, and also agricultural processes led to deforestation and extinction of animals living in the woods.

Climate Change

Soil Degradation: The rate of pesticides and chemicals often used by people for different purposes. But however, they often forget about soil renovation and drawing a balance of minerals back to its original state.

The Solutions To Environmental Problems In Nigeria

All environmental pollution in Nigeria are human-made problem, so we should do everything possible to reduce its harmful influence and improve our environment.

  • Note that trees are the lungs of our planet, so we need to plant more trees to make the air cleaner
  • We should keep to 3R rule, which are reduce, reuse, and recycle. By reusing and remodeling things will save us budget and natural resources
  • Our government should pay close attention and control the industrial sector, defending not only the rights of business but also the right of citizens to breathe freely within a healthy environment
  • Practicing forest reservations will help to save animals from extinction
  • We shouldn’t throw garbage into the rivers
  • We should use bicycles instead of private cars when possible.

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