Safety Courses In Nigeria And All The Institution Offering The Programs

There are some of the sectors in Nigeria that health and safety training is very important are energy, power, telecommunication industry, oil & gas. Some other sectors are construction industries, manufacturing, financial institutions, consulting firms, aviation industries, technology companies, NGOs and construction industries.

Today, you are going to lean about certain safety related courses that are offered in various institutions in Nigeria.

The Institute Of Safety Professionals Of Nigeria (ISPN)

They happens to be the leading safety course provider in Nigeria.  They were established in 1980 and they have grown in popularity over the years with wide ranges of safety professional courses.

The SMSTZ Group

Here is another outstanding institution that offers safety courses in Nigeria. Although they are foreign industry, but they have branches in Nigeria where they offer several health and safety courses to any person or group of persons.

They have a consultancy center based in Lagos with various safety courses, like IOSH Managing Safely and International General Certificate course.

The Lonadek       

Lonadek involved in oil & gas consultancy. This company train oil and gas staff members incompetency and in health and safety.

SGS Nigeria

SGS provide several health and safety related courses to interested individuals. SGS Occupational Health & Safety Trainings are of top quality. The purpose of their training is to improve on the coordination of occupational health and safety risk in any organization or industry.

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The OilTrain

Here is one of the leading oil & gas training schools in Nigeria. So many companies in the oil & gas industry have benefited from their expertise over the years.

The Hybrid Consulting Ltd

Hybrid consulting is accredited and approved by CIEH and happens to be one of the leading health and safety training institutions in Nigeria. They are approved for Project Management Institute, USA. And also they are equally approved for NEBOSH UK and IOSH UK.

The SkillEdge Consulting Limited

They are very important health and safety training institution in Nigeria and also they are reliable. Their training are on several aspects of health and safety. This company is accredited by Health Safety and Environment in Nigeria.

All what you need to be qualified for the training is to be able to write simple and correct English language. All of their courses are available for people who intend to get trained in safety which includes Human Resources & Labour representatives, Technologists, Technicians, Engineers, work representatives and other personnel.

All these courses are available to professionals from various fields, like Government & Regulatory Agencies, Manufacturing industry, Engineering industries, Building & Construction industries, Transport & Logistics industries, Marine industries, Oil & gas industries and lots more.

All these training institutions train their students on safety & health principles and practices and provide them with comprehensive knowledge in these areas.

Here Are Some Of The Common Courses That Are Offered

  • Health and safety foundations
  • Setting policy for health and safety
  • Organizing for health and safety
  • Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  • Risk assessment
  • Principles of control in health and safety
  • Investigation, recording and reporting of health and safety incidents
  • Monitoring, review and audit of health and safety performance
  • Movement of people and vehicles
  • Hazard and control
  • Manual and mechanical handling of hazard and control
  • Work equipment hazard and control

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