First Bank Online Banking: How To Register And Activate The Firstbank Online Platform

First Bank Online is one FirstBank’s brand name for Internet Banking Platform. The product allows customers to perform banking transactions through the Internet Platform, the online Platform eradicate the waiting and restrictions associated with branch banking Processes. In this post, we have taken out time to briefly analyze How We Can Perform Transactions Online Using The FirstBank Online Banking Platform.

Features Of First Bank Online Banking Platform

Below are some of the actions that can be performed on the First Bank Online Banking Platform.

  • Check your account balance
  • Check and print out statement of account
  • Funds Transfer between your accounts Internally
  • Transfer funds to a 3rd party accounts within FirstBank


How To Download And Fill Your First Bank Online Banking Form

  • Download the request form here
  • Fill and submit the form tothis email address
  • Alternatively, Submission of forms can also be done at any First bank’s branches nationwide
  • You PIN Would be sent via e-mail addresses within 5 business days of submitting your form.

For Customers Abroad Please follow the steps below

Please NOTE: Customers MUST create a Secret question for him/her self on your profile details.


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How To Activate The First Bank Online Banking Solution After Registration

Step1. Click on this link  HERE to open the First Bank Online Portal.

Step2. On the Login Page, enter your username and your PIN that was sent via email.

Step3. After successful login, you would be prompt to change your password.

Step4. Enter a new password and submit.

Step5. At this point you can now login with your username and your new password.


How Do I Reset My First Bank Mobile Password If Forgotten?

Step1. Click on this URL   HERE

Step2. On the login Page, put in your Username and submit.

Step3. The next page request for your Password and since you can’t remember click on the forgot password option below to reset your password.

Step4. You will be required to put in your UserID and Registered Phone Number to procced.

Step5. And activation code would be sent to you via sms.

Step6. Put in the code and enter your new password then submit.

Step7. You can now Login with your new password.


How Can I Contact First Bank Online For Further Assistance?

If you need additional assistance, Kindly contact FirstBank Customer Support Via these medium 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000 or email

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