Glo Gbam Extra: How To Migrate And The Benefits Of This Plan

The indigenous telecommunications company in Nigeria, Globacom has recently being one of the most friendly network in Nigeria in relation to data access and speed as well as in call rates charges. As the network advances, it seems she is determined to remain a cost friendly network in the country.

In her previous strategies, she has seek to attract and gain students approval with campus data bonus as well as the entire nation with lower call rate charges. In a bid to maintain her grip of customers and to gain more, glo has introduced another tarrif package called Glo Gbam plus.

Glo Nigeria recently launched an entirely different tariff plan that is far better than the available glo tariff plans like the glo bounce which offers calls at the rate of 11k/s to all networks. Glo has always strive to offer lower affordable call rates across mobile network providers in Nigeria.

Lots of people believes that Glo is creating her own tarrif plan similar to Mtn True Talk Plus, the Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 as well as the Airtel Smart Talk all of which offers calls at the rates of 11k/s across all networks.



Glo Gbam Plus Tarrif Plan

The Glo Gbam plus is the newest affordable and cheapest tariff plan available on glo network. This new tarrif plan enables all prepaid Glo subscribers to make calls to all networks at 11K/sec after a daily access fee of N5 has been deducted.

This makes the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan the lowest of all glo tariff plans in the country. The unique benefit of the Glo Gbam plus is that N5 will only be deducted on days you make calls, therefore you will not be charged the N5 daily access on days that you do not make any calls unlike the Mtn true talk plus tariff which attracts daily access fee of N5 even if you don’t make calls for that day.


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Also on the Glo Gbam plus tarrif plan, you can as well make call to five international destinations of United states, United Kingdom, China, Canada and India at a reduced call rate of 20k/sec. Both the local and international SMS charges are at rate of N4 for Nigeria and N10 to international destinations respectively.

The only demerit with Glo Gbam plus tariff plan is the absence of free data, this means the plan is specially designed for those who makes lots of calls. This is not like many other Glo tariff plans such as the Glo Gbam which offers 5MB of data after recharge as well as the Glo Bounce that offers 20MB.



Glo Gbam Plus Tariff Plan Migration

To enjoy this great tarrif plan, simply dial 1006*1# on an active glo mobile number. It is absolutely free of charge to migrate to Glo Gbam plus tarrif plan.

If you have any challenges with the migration or charges, you may visit any Glo world close to you or simply call customer service by dialing 121.

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