Gtbank SME Market Hub: How To Register And Use The Platform

The Gtbank SME market hub is an ecommerce platform launched for small and medium enterprises to sell and buy their goods and services online for free. Gtbank has taken the initiative to assist small ans medium businesses who may not be able to afford the cost of building an ecommerce website.


The Gtbank SME Market Hub is a website based market place solution where small and medium businesses can build a fully hosted online stores for their businesses. They can their add products and services information, sell online and also receive payment online with any debit card in the Country. The website also offers some custom design and features with different designs to choose from using a simple do it yourself guides.


The platform has different categories that your business will surely fit in to one. Categories include electronic and computers, women and men items, Food and groceries, beauty and Health, interiors and homes, Books and audio etc. At your registration, you will choose one category that fit your business.



How To Add Your Business to Gtbank SME Market Hub

To host your business on the ecommerce platform, you will be required to possess or open a Business Account with GTBank. The account could either be GTMax account,  GTBusiness account or Corporate Current Account. For full details on how to open any of these accounts you will need to visit the Gtbank sme site or simply visit any Gtbank close to you.

After opening any of these account, kindly go through the steps below to create your online store on the platform


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  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on “sign up” link.
  3. Fill in the details required in the form.
  4. After filling the right details, click on “create my store”
  5. Now that your store is created, you can then design and add your product and services and begin to make money.



Merits Of Using The SME Market Hub

  1. It’s a way to save small and medium businesses of the expenses for building an eCommerce website. The cost of building and maintaining an ecommerce website maybe too expensive to carry with the cost of running the business.
  2. Another major advantage is that the platform allows you to receive payment via any card such as verve, visa card, Interswitch, MasterCard or eTranzact card. This doesn’t cost extra charges for the businesses.
  3. The ecommerce website is quite simple and easy to handle. Its a simple do it yourself platform. You don’t have to possess a great technical knowledge or learn highly sophisticated skills to be able to setup your store online within some minutes.
  4. The Gtbank SME market hub has a very simple operational plan with a simple back-end.
  5. You make money at no other operational expenses incurred.


If you encounter any challenges or have any issue with creating your online store you may send an email to the customer care via or you may simply walk into any Gtbank branch close to you and make your way to customer service desk.

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