How To Block And Recover A Stolen Or Misplaced ATM Card For All Banks

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card (MasterCard, Verve, Visa card) is your bank account on the go. It gives you access to your money for various transactions (withdrawal, transfer, airtime recharge, bills payment etc.) via the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The use of an ATM card is really a great relieve especially for access to fund during unofficial hour.


The theft or misplacement of an ATM card can really be disturbing and emotional. It means you are no longer in control of your hard earned money and your account could be emptied just before you know it. This is something no one prays for. After all, money is what no one ever wants to lose irrespective of how it was acquired.


In this piece we shall discuss how to block your ATM card just in case you experience theft or missing ATM card especially during the weekend and unofficial hours. We are not praying you experience such but arm yourself with a solution ahead if it does and you can as well help friends in such a case. Also, share this article with friends, sharing is caring!

  1. Account Manager

One of the available options is to contact your account officer or Manager and get him/her informed immediately to deactivate or hot list your ATM card. Although, this is one of the best option but lots of people are not even aware that they have an account manager let alone of having his/her contact. So get his/her contact the next time you visit the bank


  1. Social Media

Every bank now have an online customer support across all social media platforms (twitter, Facebook, whatsapp etc.) You can reach out to them immediately you notice that your ATM card is no longer safe.


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  1. Email

You can send an email to the bank customer service desk. Its also unfortunate that most people don’t even the email address of the customer service desk of their bank. If you are one of them, check it out the bank website and safe it.


  1. Internet Banking

This is probably the easiest way to hot list your ATM card. Simply login into your internet banking profile, navigate to the cards tab and hot list it from there. Once successful, the card will deactivated instantly.


  1. Helpline

Every bank has an helpline you can call for assistance and help will be provided instantly. So get your bank helpline saved on your mobile phone, you or someone might just need someday. You can as well hot list your ATM card via here too.


  1. Text Message

Some banks offer this service specifically to help customers hot list their ATM card instantly in the case of armed robbery. You may need to check with your bank.


  1. Mobile App

All banks have their mobile App with which you can interact with the bank and even control your bank account. For some banks, you can hot list your ATM card from there and for some, you may just use it to get to the bank for help.


With any of these seven (7) options, you can hot list your ATM card. All you need to do is to find out which of them is available in your bank and get yourself armed with any that might be convenient for you. In case you’ve had an experience you will like to share, please use the comments box, we all love to learn from you.

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