How To Buy And Register Your Land In Lagos With All The Requirements You Must Know

To have a land in Lagos is one of the most reasonable investment anyone can make now, because Lagos is the business hub of Nigeria and the economic capital of the country. So many people who buys land in Lagos often overlook some little signs of land document forgery, because they are very excited that they will soon own a land in Lagos without seeing the dangers.

One of the reason why people are after lands in Lagos state is due to its population, as it is the most populated state in Nigeria. The economic prosperity in Lagos is one of the thing that attracts millions of people in Nigeria making them to migrate to the cities in quest for greener pasture and business development. Land is the most sought after in Lagos state, it is also important to know that buying of land can be very tricky.

When buying landed property in Lagos, investigation must be made. A verification process should be followed to avoid fraud, delay and disagreement from both the seller and the agent. It is advisable not to rush into buying any land, you need to employ the help of a professional, a land expert, real estate agents or a lawyer.



Below Are The Things You Need To Do Before You Buy Any Land In Lagos

  1. Research And Verify

You should be able to verify if the land is free from government acquisition. You will need to go to the Lagos state ministry of lands and survey to do a verification to know if the land seller that you intend to buy is the real owner.

  1. Making Payment For The Land

After you must have made your research and verification, you have seen the documentations and you are fully satisfied with the land, you can then proceed to make payment of the land. But if you actually bought the land from a real estate company, then it simply mean that the process will be less because all the technical side of the land must have been taking care of on your behalf.


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To Register The Land In Lagos

Here are the requirements you will need:

  • Legislation

The directorate of land registry is responsible of keeping record of any land transaction done in Lagos state. It happens to be the only government agency that has the power to keep registered land document.

  • Cadastral Survey

It is the sub- field of surveying that are responsible in the establishment of real estate property boundaries. Please know that this is a very vital element of any legal property. It is very necessary for the land administration in Nigeria to involve a cadastral input, since landed property is in term of size, location, shape and ownership right.

  • Land Adjudication

Here is the final process and procedure for the authoritative determination of land right or determination of existing land right and people claims to landed properties.

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