Have you ever been a guest in a remote village wanting to make a call and realise you do not have airtime and you cannot find a place to buy? Or been stuck on the road by your car needing to call your mechanic but no airtime? Here is a solution from MTN called “MTN XtraTime”.


What Is Xtra Time?

MTN Xtratime is a service that gives you the opportunity to get airtime on credit when you run out of airtime on credit when you run out of airtime on credit when you run out of airtime and pay whenever you recharge next time.

Note: MTN Xtra Time is only available to MTN prepaid customers that have eligible status for the services.



How To Be Eligible For MTN Xtra Time Service

  • To be qualified for the MTN Xtra Time service;
  • You must be a prepaid user
  • You must have registered your SIM card
  • You must have been on the network for at least 3 months
  • You must have less than N13 in your main account
  • You must have paid all previous Xtra Time loan associated to your account
  • You must have spent nothing less than N200 every month for 3 months.



How To Have Access To MTN Xtra Time Services And Borrow Airtime Using Short Code

To borrow airtime from MTN Xtra Time services, you have fulfil the eligibility requirements as stated above once you have confirm your eligibility status, then;

  • Dial *606#
  • Choose Xtra Time
  • Then choose your preferred borrowing airtime amount from the list provided
  • After you must have chosen the airtime amount that you want, you will receive a message from the system with the airtime amount that you are borrowing and the service fee
  • You must confirm the transaction to proceed
  • Once your transaction has been confirmed, the Xtra Time service fee will be deducted and the remaining credit will be sent to your Xtra Time account where you can use it to make your urgent calls.
  • An SMS notification will be sent to you as transaction successful.


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Service Charges For MTN Xtra Time

MTN Xtra Time services attracts a 15% service fee for every amount of airtime borrowed. For example, if a customer borrows N1, 000 from MTN Xtra Time, a service fee of N150 will deducted first and the remaining N850 will be credited to the customer’s Xtra Time account.



How To Pay Back Borrowed Airtime

To pay back your previous borrow airtime, the customer must use the popular balance inquiry code (*556#) to check the previous borrowed amount for the Xtra Time account. This will cause the negative value of the amount you borrowed to appear showing you the exact amount you are to pay.

Please note that the amount you are owing will be recovered by MTN whenever or any time you make a recharge of your account.



Another Alternative To Borrowing Airtime

Customers can borrow airtime via 606 IVR

  • Dial 606 and it will start playing an audio announcement for you to choose your language, e.g. English, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa
  • When you select your language, you will be asked to choose either Xtra Time or Xtra Byte
  • Then you can choose Xtra Time, the audio record will play all the airtime amount that you can borrow
  • Then you can choose the amount that you want to borrow
  • After choosing your preferred amount, the audio record will play to inform you about the airtime amount you want to borrow and the service fee that is applicable for confirmation. Once you confirm your transaction, the service fee will be deducted and the remaining airtime will be credited to your Xtra Time account.
  • An SMS notification will be sent to you for successful transaction.


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