How To Earn Money Online In Nigeria On Different Platform Step By Step

With the great internet involvement of Nigerians on the internet, it means a great income channel if well handled. A source says Nigeria is the 8th internet active country on the internet across the world. What a record! That means lots of opportunities abound in it for anyone that can take advantage of it.


There are lots of internet opportunities that can earn you good money on the internet as a Nigerian. This is not in respect to the popular fraudulent means referred to as “yahoo yahoo.” I mean legitimate online money making means. In this piece, we shall take a look at the different online means any serious Nigerian can make legitimate sums of money.


Online Money Making Requirements

It is important to note that online money making requires your time as well as little amount of money. Although, there are few options that will require just your time with no money. You will also need a laptop or Desktop, internet connection (Modem) and internet enabled phone. These equipments are important.


Online Money Making Options

Below are few online money making options;


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Online Writing Jobs

This is a very broad online earning sphere with lots of billions of Dollars in it. You can choose where to operate. In this option, you can decide to write articles and get paid for it. There are websites like,, etc where you can register at no cost and bid for writing jobs. Simply put up a good profile that reflect that you’re good in what you claim to know how to do. You can as well read up articles how to earn as a freelance writer. In this field, you can earn not only as an article writer, if you can write academic essays, blog posts, stories, biographies etc, here is the place for you.


You can as well earn by helping people to rewrite articles. You simply rewrite to retain its meaning. Also, you can earn by editing other people’s writings as well as proofreading it. Like i mentioned earlier, its a broad sphere. You will decide where you want to earn.



This is one of options where you can start without spending a dime, all you need is your device (laptop, Desktop or Mobile Phone) and internet connection. A good number of successful Nigerian bloggers such as Linda keji started like that too. You can open a free blog on either or Below are the steps involved;

  1. Log on to or
  2. You need a Gmail account to open a blog which is most preferable for AdSense.
  3. Create a blog which will be
  4. Choose a theme of your choice
  5. Design it to your taste
  6. Begin to update it with unique post
  7. After a while, you can then apply for AdSense.

With AdSense, you can make lots of money if well handled. You can make money daily, weekly and money. Google will be sending you your check directly.


There are several other ways to earn on the internet as a Nigeria. Its an open field and there is a lot of money jumping everywhere there.

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