Fashion Schools In Canada Where You Can Study And How To Enroll

Away from the paparazzi and cameras of the fashion world lies other aspects of fashion like designing, business, writing, modelling and many more. All of the aforementioned departments of the fashion industry come with a level of qualification academically which runs against popular sayings that the fashion world is full of charlatans. The right fashion school always place one on an advantageous future cadre when it comes to being an authority in the fashion world. Canada is one country that has an array of special higher institutions dedicated only to the fashion world and what it has to offer, whether from Modelling, Marketing management, designing, or even fashion magazine editing.



Fashion Schools In Canada And Their Tuition Fees

Below is a well compiled list of 6 world class fashion institutes in Canada that offer incisive fashion related curriculum along with tuition fees and duration of each program.



Humber College is one of Canada’s leading fashion institutes with two campuses one in North Toronto and the other in Lakeshore.


Programmes offered by the institute includes:


Fashion Arts –

Tuition $7350

Duration 2 years


Fashion Promotions and Management –

Tuition $5,350

Duration 1 year


Fashion Management (Bachelor of Comm.) – Tuition $27,450

Duration 4 years.





Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is one fashion institution that offers hand-on and practical courses for the fashion savvy student. The academy is situated in Canadian city of Ottawa.

Programmes offered by the academy include:


Basic Fashion Designing programmes like:

Pattern making, textiles, draping, fashion sketching, Haute Couture, Hat making, merchandising and marketing.

Duration: 2 years


Fashion Designs – $12,000

Part-Time courses – $300-$1200

Couturier – $6700


Requirements into the institution include: Basic knowledge on sewing and A High School Diploma.




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  1. Academy Of Design (AD)


Based in Toronto and Ontario, Academy of Design is a Diploma based institute that offers the following courses:


Fashion Design


Fashion Marketing


All programs are at a level $27,815

Duration for all programme is 2 years



  1. George Brown College

George Brown College is situated in Toronto city of Canada and its campus is popularly called  Casa Loma.


The following programmes are offered at George Brown College:

Fashion Design and Techniques


Fashion Management – 2 years ($7000)

Fashion Business Industry – 2 years ($7300)

International Fashion Development and Management – 1 year (Tuition – $3,495)



  1. Coco Fashion Design Institute


Situated on 348 Ryding Avenue, Toronto; Coco Fashion Design Institute is in a class of its own with its handson approach type of curriculum. Courses offered at the institution include:


Garment and Pattern-making Construction

Tuition – $4500

Duration – 1 year

Makeup Artistry

Tuition – $975

Duration – 6 days

Pattern Development and Fashion Design

Tuition – $4000

Duration – 1 year


Requirements: High school Diploma or equivalent qualification test if student is applying as a mayured fellow.



  1. Fanshawe College


Fanshawe is situiated in London area of Ontario city. It offers the following Diploma courses:


Fashion Design

Tuition – $14,000

Duration – 3 years


Fashion Merchandising

Tuition – $8806

Duration -2 years


Requirements include:

High school Diploma with excellent grades at English and Mathematics is a requisite.

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