How To Obtain Nursing And Midwifery Council Of Nigeria License, With Renewal Processes

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is the body in charge of the training and practice of nurses and midwives in country.

During the old times, nursing was classified among the high ranked professions. This and the need to maintain nursing in Nigeria with the levels of other parts of our world is what led to establishing the Midwives Ordinance in 1930.

This became a regulating body for the nursing profession and midwifery. As the years flew by, there became an increasing number of nurses in the country and that is why the body saw the need to set up a system of providing each person in the nursing profession with some kind of license with which they would be recognized at the head organization. This system has helped them in diverse ways including helping them to know how many people are in this profession.

Presently, this council is the only body that is legally charged with the functions to perform basic tasks on behalf of the government.

This is to ensure maximum delivery and educational qualities on the part of the nurses.


In Nigeria presently, you can not practise as a nurse without this license. Every nurse you see in hospitals today have their licence.



How To Obtain The Nursing And Midwifery Council Of Nigeria License

The easiest way to get your licence is to do it when you are graduating¬† from school together with your mates. For some schools, they help you get the license. All you need to do is to submit the required document. But if you are doing it alone, follow the renewal steps below. It is the same process. Only some documents may differ. Any of the document you don’t have, do not worry about it.


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How To Renew The Nursing And Midwifery Council Of Nigeria License

  1. You will have to pay the fee for renewal which cost 10,500 NGN only. The renewal is done every three years meaning that when you renew, it will be valid for only three years.

Payment is to be done through the Remita service.

  1. After making payment, gather all the documents that would be required during the renewal process. These documents include;

* Your expired licence

* Your completed Licensing form.

* Two (2) recent identical coloured passport photographs with white background are to be submitted.

* Photocopies of certificates of registration.

* Photocopies of certificate of attendance for Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP).

* Original evidence of payment of N10,500 for renewal is also required.

  1. Package all this documents in a file and take them to the zonal office of the Council closest to you. Submit them to the person in charge and you have successfully renewed your Nursing and Midwifery Council licence.




Note that if you fail to pay the license fee for a particular time, you will have to pay the default fee of N5,250. This fee is per year, so if you do not pay for two years, when paying you will pay an extra N10,500.

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