Union Bank Transfer Code: How To Use For Different Transaction And All You Must Know

The Union Bank Plc of Nigeria, popularly called Union Bank has been in active operation since the year 1917 when it was founded.

It is a commercial bank with both individuals, small and medium-sized companies, as its customers.

This commercial banking sector has launched an easy to use USSD code for performing various transaction directly from your mobile phone.

This short code is called the Union Bank Transfer Code.

You can use this code without an internet connection. This service is easy and fast in getting things done, and it is quite reliable.

The good thing is that you can use this service on any mobile phone unlike the mobile app that you would normally require a smart phone before you can perform transactions on it.



How To Use The Union Bank Transfer Code For Different Transaction

The Union Bank Transfer Code is *826# and you are expected to dial this to begin.

The purpose of this is to officially register you for the mobile banking. Once the code has been dialed, you would be automatically registered.


Now That You are registered, see what you can do with the code below

  1. You Can Now Create Your Pin

This is the first step as you would use this pin for whichever transaction you are planning to perform.

To create your pin directly, dial the code *826*5#.


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  1. You Can Now Transfer Money Between Banks

(a) To transfer money from your Union bank account to another Union Bank account; just dial *826*1*amount*account_no#

The next slide would request for your PIN. Input it, and its done.


(b) To transfer money from your Union bank account to other bank account, just dial *826*2*amount*Account_no#.

Input your Pin as usual and you’re good.

* Transfer charge is ₦52.50 when transferring to other banks. For Union Bank Nigeria to Union Bank Nigeria, its free.


  1. You Can Now Buy Airtime Directly From Your Bank Account.

(a) To recharge yourself, dial *826*amount#, and input your PIN.

(b) To recharge others, dial *826*amount*recipient’s mobile no#, and then input your transfer pin.


  1. You Can Now Check Your Account Balance

To check your account balance, just send a text that contains only “BAL” to 20123. Your account balance would be sent to you.




This are some of the transactions you can do with the Union Bank Transfer Code. To get to know the full list of transactions, just dial the short code *826# and you will see all the features.

This code can also be used to get the pay code for card-less withdrawal.

Note that for all of the above transactions, you must dial the code from the number you used in registering your account. That is the number you usually receive alert.

If you are a Union Bank user, and you are not using the Union Bank Transfer Code yet, then it is time you start using it.

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