Wemaonline: How To Register, Activate And Use For Transactions

Wema bank is one of the ancient banks in Nigeria with a long standing of excellence among peers. Elegant in its purple colour brand with a satisfactory customer service.

As an undergraduate in those days, wema bank was my first bank of choice. Its great to still have them in league of efficient banks. Its really great that inspite of the challenges experienced by the Nigerian banking sector in the last decade, wema bank scaled through the huddles to pass the test of time.

As the Nigerian bank pass through revolution to provide self authorized transaction channels and account management platforms, wema bank has not exempt herself to bring about quality customer experience. It is inline with this that wema bank created an online platform for her numerous customers. The online platform is called wemaonline.


Wemaonline is a web based account management and transaction authorization platform by which a wema bank account holder can access his/her account and make transactions via online presence without visiting the bank or ATM machine. With wemaonline, you only need a device that can be used to access the internet with data. This means that your account can be accessed via internet enabled phones, tablets and PC.

Get real-time access to your account from any internet-enabled computer or device with WemaOnline enables subscribers to conduct transactions on-the-go. The transactions are fast, secure and convenient. You can as well view your statement of account. The use of wemaonline is targeted at individual customers or corporate account with sole signatory.


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Features Of WemaOnline Platform

  1. Account balance
  2. View transaction processes
  3. Transfer of money (intrabank and interbank)
  4. Bills payment (DSTV, HiTV, PHCN, My TV etc.)
  5. Airtime recharge (MTN, Zain, Glo, Etisalat etc.)
  6. Mini statement and full statement in various formats (PDF, Excel, Word)
  7. Cheque requisition
  8. International remittance (Western Union, Moneygram, etc.)


Charges On Wema Bank Online Transactions 

With wemaonline, every intrabank transaction is free of charge. You will not be charged for monthly maintenance as well while you will be charged N105 for every interbank transaction and each bill payment transaction.


Transaction Limits

With wemaonline, each type of account have daily transaction limit. For savings account, N200,000 is daily transaction limit while it is N1,000,0000 for Current account. Corporate account daily transaction via wemaonline is N2,000,000.


How To Register On The Platform

To register for wemaonline, you may visit any wema bank branch close to you. Make your way straight to the customer service and make your intention known. You will be provided with forms to fill which will be used for your profile creation online.

You may as well log on to the wema bank official website and download the form. Fill it and submit it to any wema bank branch close to you. Further details will be provided to you via your email address.


Merits Of Using The Platform

It enables 24/7 access to your accounts.

It guarantees fast and secure transactions.

It offers convenient banking.

It allows online realtime account monitoring.

It allows for quick money transfer to any bank.

No monthly maintenance fee.

It allows for minimal transaction charges.

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