How To Register Courses, Check Results On Rivers State University Of Science And Technology

The Rivers State University of Science and Technology usually referred to as RSU is a tertiary institution located in Rivers State, Southern Nigeria. The University was founded as a college of science and technology in 1972 and attained university status in 1980. The university has 7 faculties that cater for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs which include Engineering, Law, Sciences and Agriculture.  The school has administrative staff strength of 3,000 dedicated to meeting the need of it’s over 22,000 students. The school was rated Nigeria’s best E-learning institution in 2014.


RSU Student Portal

The Rivers State University of Science and Technology operates a student portal where students can get direct access to facilities available to students of the university. RSUST students can now register courses online, pay fees, view admission list, check academic calendar and check semester result directly from the students’ portal.


How To Register On The Students Portal

Students of RSU can register on the students’ portal by

  1. Login to the students portal here
  2. Once you access the home page of the students portal
  3. Once the box to the right you will be requested to enter your login details
  4. For old students enter your matric number and password which will be given to you by the ICT department.
  5. Fresh students will have to visit the ICT department to open an account for them on the students portal
  6. Once you enter your login details you will then be able to access the students portal from where you can use the online facilities available to students of the institution.


How To Register Courses

Students can register for semester course online at the beginning of each semester by

  1. Go the your student portal by login to
  2. Enter your Login details i.e. your username and password in lowercases (small letters).
  3. Click on the login tab below
  4. On the display page click on SERM and begin the online course registration process.
  5. Use the quick add menu to search for courses to be registered.
  6. Enter the course code to be registered and click on add.
  7. After adding the course, confirm courses and click on register to complete registration.
  8. Ensure you print out a hard copy as evidence of course registration and keep it safe.


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List Of Courses In Rivers State University Of Science And Technology RSUST

» Accountancy / Accounting
» Adult and Community Education
» Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
» Agricultural Economics and Extension
» Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
» Agricultural Science and Education
» Agriculture
» Animal Science
» Applied Biology
» Architecture
» Banking and Finance (Admin)
» Biochemistry
» Biological Science(s)
» Business Education
» Chemical / Petrochemical Engineering
» Chemistry
» Civil Engineering
» Computer Engineering
» Computer Science
» Crop Science
» Education and Biology
» Education and Science
» Electrical Engineering
» Estate Management
» Fisheries Management
» Food Science And Technology
» Forestry / Forest Resources Management
» Home Science and Management
» Land Survey
» Law
» Marine Engineering
» Marketing
» Mass Communication
» Mathematics
» Mechanical Engineering
» Office And Information Management
» Personnel Management
» Petroleum Engineering
» Physics
» Quantity Surveying
» Soil Science
» Technical Education
» Urban and Regional Planning


How To Pay School Fees Online

To be able to pay school fees online students are expected to first recharge their accounts on their student portal by

  1. Login to the portal with your students ID and password
  2. Click on Account Options and click on recharge account
  3. Click on buy school fees pin and follow the option shown on the screen to buy pin
  4. Enter the pin purchased and click on submit and you will be notified of successfully completing account recharge
  5. After successfully recharging account
  6. Click on make payments
  7. A fee drop down menu will appear and select the fee option you wish to pay
  8. Click on pay fee to pay the fee online
  9. You will receive a confirmation of successfully completing fee payment.
  10. Ensure to print receipts by clicking on account options
  11. Click on receipts and select on the receipt from the lists of fees shown.

How To Check Results Online

Students can check semester results online at the end of each semester once they have been approved by the school academic board. Results are also placed on the departments’ notice board once they are available.

To check results online students are to

  1. Login to the Student Portal at
  2. Click on student portal link in the homepage
  3. Enter your Login details i.e. your username and password in lowercases (small letters).
  4. Click on the login tab
  5. On the display page click on Check Results
  6. Navigate to college or department and Click on the semester you wish to check
  7. Results can then be printed after you have checked results on the student portal.


The Academic board holds the right to seize the results of students who are yet to pay their fees or are been investigated for disciplinary related offences by the schools disciplinary board.

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