Digital Satellite Television also known as DSTV is MultiChoice’s digital satellite Television service. It was launched in 1995 to offer Television channels that will give her subscribers TV programs in entertainment, documentaries, lifestyle, news, sports, music, movies, religion, culture, children, commerce etc. DSTV has her headquarters in Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa with over 9 million customers spread across Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Mauritius, Angola, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa. The company has different packages for different countries.


DSTV has the widest TV channels. They also offer different packages for their numerous customers to choose from. Some of the packages include DSTV bouquets (45 channels), DSTV family (55 channels), DSTV premium (100 channels) etc. Please note that they all come with a monthly access fee.


For anyone to enjoy DSTV services, you must have and install a DSTV decoder. DSTV has a number of decoders which include Standard, Drifta decoder Explora, and Explora 2. In this piece, we shall focus more on the Explora 2 decoder. The Explora 2 decoder was launched in 2016. It is offered at the rate of N30,000 and it comes with better features than its predecessor.



Features Of The New DSTV Explora Decoder

The new DSTV decoder called Explora 2 has some features which makes the customers enjoy their services more. Here are the features:


  1. DSTV catch up

This allows you to catch up with programs, series, kid’s shows, movies, documentaries etc. With internet connection you can download lots of catch ups to watch at your own spare time.

  1. Remote Recording

With this features, you can schedule a recording of a show you would have missed.


  1. HD Image

The crystal clear imagery of the new decoder will give you the most enjoyable viewing experience.


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  1. Playlists

This is where you will see all your recording. DSTV will help you to arrange the recordings by categories. You can record up to 220 hours.


  1. Box office

With this, you can rent any of the 20 blockbuster movies at the comfort of your home. You can keep the rented movie for 48 hours.


  1. A New Remote

The decoder comes with a new remote that has well arranged buttons that are not as clumsy as the old one.



The DSTV Explora Set Up

If you use the HD TV, use the provided HDMI cable to connect to HDMI port behind the decoder. You may then connect to the HDMI port on the TV. If you other TVs, make use of the supplied RCA cables, then connect the red, white and yellow inputs to the RCA ports at the back of the decoder and on the TV. For power supply, connect to the input behind the decoder and then plug into power source.



How To Fund Your Box Office Account

To fund your box office account, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Login into your account
  3. Navigate to payment menu
  4. Make payment by any of your desired payment option and your account is funded.


For further enquiry, you may contacct DSTV on 08039003788 or simply send an email to or


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