Irokotv App: How To Download, Install And Use The Mobile App On Your Mobile Devices

The movies releases by Nollywood this year is quite wonderful and it is so bad I can’t carry my TV and Decoder everywhere with me, I mean why aren’t they like MTN (Everywhere you go)… and also Power Supply has been quite scarce this year, so I hardly get to watch my favorite movies and get the entertainment I deserve.

Are you feeling same? Are you feeling left out that you can’t watch your most hilarious and entertaining Nollywood movie whenever you want? Then you need the Irokotv App.

The IrokoTV App allows you to watch the best and most entertaining Nollywood movies and TV series. Users from Africa can also enjoy Bollywood, Korean and also Hollywood movies with this app.

And you can watch these movies anywhere you are at any time, you don’t have to wait for power supply since all you need is your mobile phone.

The app which belongs to Nigeria’s biggest home movies streaming platform iRokoTv also allows you to keep up on the latest film releases by following them on their Facebook page.


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How To Download The Irokotv App

You can download the app on your mobile device simple and easy. For Android Mobile Users you can download the app on the Google Play Store and Windows Phone Users can download it on the Windows App Microsoft Store


How To Use The App

Using the IrokoTv app is very simple.

  • Launch the app you just downloaded
  • Sign in and you have to pay $5 monthly to gain unlimited access to Nigerian Films.
  • Browse through the ever growing list of movies and shows and simply pick you want and you can start streaming Nigeria movies in HD quality on your mobile device..
  • You can find over 5,000 Nigerian movies on this online platform and also they have a well structured search which allows you to select, stream and watch a wide range of Nollywood movies by year of release, actors, actresses or TV series all on your mobile phone.


Benefits of This App          

  • You get to stream movies anywhere you are and anytime you want.
  • You no longer to rent movies from Movie Selling Centres and wait for the Power to come on before you get the entertainment you deserve, this app allows you to watch whatever movie you are interested in anytime and anywhere..
  • Through their facebook page you get updates on new Nollywood movie releases and you get to watch them on the app. This keeps you updated on the Drama, Action and Entertainment you certainly would have missed if you don’t have the app.

If you have any questions, simply make use of the comments section and I will get down to you immediately.


10 thoughts on “Irokotv App: How To Download, Install And Use The Mobile App On Your Mobile Devices”

  1. How do I pay the 5 dollars, and how long will the 5 dollars subscription last.

    • Hi Keji,
      Please call or visit the closest Iroko TV agent closest to you for further explanation.

  2. how do I locate the nearest iroko TV kiosk around me here in Ajah and how much to subscribe

  3. I have downloaded it many times, wasting my data, I have even subscribed for one year. But the app doesn’t open every time I try to open it, how do I get my money back or get it to open

  4. I have subscribed for one year and I am not able to login or sign up


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