Israel Visa In Nigeria: How To Apply And Renew Your Visa

An Israel visa may be referred to as a label or stamp placed by visa officials of Israel on a passport which then enables the carrier to travel to Israel. Israel visas can be obtained at the Israel embassy in all countries around world. In Nigeria, the case is not different. Applying and obtaining of Israel visas can be done at the Israel embassy in Nigeria.


While applying for a Israel visa, you will be required to state the purposes of your travelling to Israel. Usually, reasons for travelling to Israel from Nigeria is either for business, tourism or just for transit to your country of destination. Based on this and how long your visit will be, there are a few types of visa you can get at the Israel embassy.



Types Of Available Israel Visa

The Israel visa that you can apply for and obtained are listed below with the reasons for granting them;


Israeli Business Visa

This visa issued to people who are going on a business trip, business representatives, participants of a scientific and educational gatherings, professional meetings, or company convention. It is mainly granted on business reasons.


Israel Transit Visa

This visa is usually granted to people who only needs to pass a day or two in the course of their journey to a country of destination. This often not more than 72 hours.


Israel student visa

This is granted to people who wants to pursue a course or an educational pursuit in Israel. Generally, student visas are temporary visas which enable students to travel to Israel for a specific period of time to pursue an educational goal at any of the Israel educational institution.


Israel Working Visa

This is granted for the sole reason of allowing people to work in Israel. This is highly required with work rights for anyone to be able to work in Israel. You could be granted a short term or a permanent work visas.


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Requirements For An Israel Visa

Below are the documents required for the Israel visa application and renewal;

  1. A valid Passport
  2. A return ticket from Israel.
  3. A completed and signed application form for Israel visa
  4. Two passport pictures (white background)
  5. Payment of the fee.


Israel Visa Application And Renewal

To apply for visa, you need the above requirements to apply for visa. You can visit the Israel embassy to download the visa application form which you need to fill and take along to the embassy along with other requirements.

For visa renewal, you will need to visit the embassy. It is quite important for you to take a valid passport with you that most be at least 6 months.


For enquiry and visa application, please visit  plot 12, Mary Slessor Street, Off Udo Udoma Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja in Nigeria. You may as well call  +234 9 3143170-4, 6739552, 6739551 or FAX via +234 9 3143177. You may also send in an email to or visit

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