Italy Visa Application Form, The Requirements And All You Need To Know With All The Fees

Italy happens to be one of the most traveled countries many Nigerians love visiting, may be because there visa application process is very straight forward. There are lots of reasons why many Nigerians travel to Italy, some travel for schooling, tourism and business trip, while some travel to visit friends and family, seminars, conferences, going for pilgrimage or for religious matters.

There are about eight different categories of Italian visas, they are:

  1. Medical visas
  2. Tourism visa
  3. Business visa
  4. Conference visa
  5. Study visa
  6. Religious visa
  7. Government delegate visa
  8. Sports visa

Please take note that all the Italian visa application processes are the same no matter the category you chose to apply for.



How To Apply From Nigeria

To apply for Italian visa, you just need to follow this simple step by step procedures:

  1. Collect an Italian visa application form
  2. Carefully fill and complete the visa application form
  3. You will need to submit your visa application form with all the documents that are required
  4. Ensure you duly follow up on the status of your visa application.


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The Italy Visa Requirement

The following are the main documents that are needed for you to get an Italian visa in Nigeria

  • An Italian visa application form which must be duly completed and signed by you
  • A complete duplicate copy of your international passport without the blank page
  • You will need an original international passport that is still valid for travelling
  • Your international passport validity should be at least not less than 6 months

And must exceed the time you intend to spend in Italy

  • Your passport should not be more than 10 years from the date it was issued
  • For applicants not from Nigeria, a proof for lodging the application should be provided
  • In case you happen to have gotten a new passport within the last 3 years, then you must bring the original copy of the previous one
  • You will need a proof of air flight booking
  • You will also need to bring one colored passport photograph that is less than six months old, the size of the passport must be 45 mm x 35 mm, and shows the applicants full face and should be in a white background.
  • One photocopy of your national ID card which should be done on the both side
  • For self-employed applicants, you will need to bring your CAC business registration certificate
  • You will need a receipt of your visa processing payment
  • You need to present a letter from your employer If you are employed, showing some details like your leave duration, the position in the company you work and others
  • You will need a personal medical travelling insurance that must cover the entire stay in Italy In case of medical emergencies, In case of death repatriation, medical repatriation, emergency hospitalization, you must have nothing less than EUR 30, 000 in your insurance coverage, and should be beyond the duration you intend to spend in Italy

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