Jaiz Bank Internet Banking: How To Register And Use The Platform For Transactions

JaizOnline is the internet platform Jaiz Bank has provided for her numerous customers to be able to access their account and carry out transactions at will anytime anywhere. This is to bridge the gap that exist between wanting to carry out business transactions after business hours and meeting up the customer revolutionary needs at a time like this. It is also to meet up with the evolutionary changes in the Nigerian banking sector.

This service is enabled to bring banking to full control of the customers while ensuring that the transactions are fast, secure and convenient. Jaiz Bank has designed this to bring about the much desired comfort, convenience as well as privacy on the internet for all their numerous customers. With this internet banking platform customers are always in charge of their finances.



Features And Transactions You Can Perform On Jaizonline

With the JaizOnline, you have the opportunity to enjoy certain features while operating your online banking account via JaizOnline. Some of the features that make online banking at Jaiz Bank very flexible are highlighted below:

  1. Money transfer between customer’s own accounts
  2. Third party transfer within Jaiz Bank is possible
  3. It is equipped to be able to transfer to other banks accounts
  4. You are able to view, Print and Download your Statement of Account
  5. It is Internet-based



Listed below, are the advantages of Jaizonline;

  1. Each customer has a 24/7 access to his or her account at anytime from anywhere in the world.
  2. Customers can perform transactions after the close of work at their convenience. This is convenience in the pure form.
  3. The platform is user-friendly
  4. The service provided is fast, very simple and secure.
  5. The client will have access to online real-time account monitoring facility to further make banking with Jaiz Bank very interesting.


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JaizOnline Application Processes

To apply for the JaizOnline, the customer is required to log on to the bank’s website and then download the JaizOnline application form. The customer is to fill the form, scan it and then submit the completed form via

customercare@jaizbankplc.com or you may simply submit at the customer service desk of any branch of Jaiz bank close to you.

The bank will then work on it for you and create an online profile for you. After you have successfully set up the online banking platform, a User ID with default password will be sent to you via the email address you registered with the bank while doing the registration for the online banking.

You will be required to pick up your internet banking token provided by the bank at the branch or it will be sent to you via the address you provided while registering.


How To Use JaizOnline For Different Transactions 

Once your online profile has been set up, the next thing is to log on to the JaizOnline portal and sign in with your user ID and default password. It is best to change your password to something you can easily remember but difficult for anyone to guess. This is to keep your account safe as much as you can. With it, you can recharge your line and others, make bill payment as well as make fund transfer to any account. This is convenience brought to you by Jaiz Bank. Happy banking!

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