Kemu Digital Campus: How To Use The Platform To Check Exams Timetable And Result Online

The Kenya Methodist University is privately owned and managed university fondly called KeMU was established in June, 2006. Although the project to establish the university started as far as 1987 when the first working committee was constituted to look into its establishment. The Kenya Methodist University later evolved from the 1906 Methodist Church education policy.


The university has four campuses situated in Nairobi, Meru, Mombasa and Nakuru. The university has a number of mode of study which include part time, full time, weekend intensive, Open and Distance Learning Mode (ODLM) as well as Virtual Learning/Digital Campus. These mode of study is allowed based on the course of study.


The virtual learning or digital campus is provided by the Kenya Methodist University to bring education you at your locations. It means getting education at the comfort of your homes or office. So, how does it look obtaining your degree, diploma or certificate courses from home? It really feels good. With this, virtual teaching and learning as well as assessment comes in divers procedures to suit your academic needs.


The course of study comes in different academic programme which include Certificate Programmes, Diploma Programmes, Undergraduate Programmes, Graduate Programmes, Doctorate Programmes as well as Professional Courses. These academic programmes are distributed into four schools. These schools are School of Science and Technology, School of Education and Social Sciences, School of Business and Economics and School of Medicine & Health Sciences.


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How To Apply On Digital KeMU

If you love to take advantage of the Kemu digital campus, you may simply apply online and pursue your academic dreams while you achieve other goals. Kindly follow the steps below to apply;

  1. Log on the Kemu digital campus online,
  2. Navigate and click on “Apply Online”
  3. On the next page, you can read about the application process and then proceed to click on “Apply Now”
  4. On the next page, fill out the form and upload the required documents.

Once successfully submitted, the admission committee will look into your application and if you are considered qualified, you will be granted admission.



How To View Timetable

From the Kemu digital campus each student whether postgraduate or undergraduate can access both teaching and examination timetable. Here is a step by step guide to check the timetable;

  1. Log on to the kemu digital campus online,
  2. Navigate and click on “Links Portal”
  3. On the new page, navigate and click on “Timetables”
  4. On the new page, you will see both teaching and exams timetables, simply click on the one you wish to view and then download.



How To Check Results Online

To check your results online when undertaking a course via Kemu digital campus, please follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the kemu digital campus online,
  2. Navigate and click on “Progress Portal”
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. Navigate to your results tab to check your results.


For any enquiry or further details, please forward your email to or call any of these numbers 0724-256162, 0734-310655

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