How To Pay Bills On Fidelity Bank USSD Code And Change Of Pin Procedures

*770# which happens to be the Fidelity Bank ussd code is known as Instant Banking, is a convenient, fast, secure and affordable way to access your Fidelity banking services 24/7 via any mobile phone without any internet connectivity.  It is good to note that with the Fidelity Bank ussd code *770#, you can make money transfers, recharge your airtime, pay bills and check your account balance.

Here Are The Benefits Of Using Fidelity Bank *770# USSD Code

  • It can be used on any phone
  • It’s quick and simple to use
  • No need of internet data to use it
  • Making Bank Transfer, Airtime recharge and bill payment are available 24/7

Please you don’t need to be a geek for you to be able to perform transactions using *770# code and it is however available at any time of the day and every day of the week.

To Buy Airtime For Self Or Family And Friends Using The *770# Code

You can buy airtime anywhere, but first, have you ever run out of airtime in the middle of a call or you need to call a friend or business client and there was no retail shop where you can buy a recharge card or it happened late at night when you cannot step outside to check if you would be lucky enough to meet a recharge card retailer?

Well, it’s bad to be in either situation. This Fidelity bank *770# USSD code was introduced for times like this.

To recharge your own phone, just dial *770*Amount#. E.g *770*100#.

To recharge for family and friends, just dial *770*Phone number*Amount#. E.g *770*08068483371*2000#.

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To Transfer Money To Other Banks Nationwide

You can make transfer of up to N100, 000 to any bank in Nigeria from your mobile phone using *770# code.

Simply dial *770*Account*Amount# and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the transaction. For example, *770*0775227372*5000#.

Please note that the Phone number must be linked to your bank account to be able to perform the transaction.

To Make A Cardless Withdrawal Using *770# Code

Just dial *770*8*Amount# on your mobile device then follow the on-screen prompts. You must Enter the one-time-PIN (OTP) sent to you and your 4-digit PIN to generate a paycode which will be used to withdraw the cash at any ATM near you.

You will need to enter your paycode, PIN and amount at the ATM to withdraw your money.

How To Pay Your Utility Bills

Simply dial *770*Code*Smart Card Number*Amount#. A simple example, if you intend to renew your DSTV Compact Package, just dial *770*1099*54345263761*6800#.

Please note that:

  • A service fee of N105 applies for every transaction.
  • A daily limit of N20, 000.

Below are lists of some of the utility bills that the Fidelity bank ussd code supports.

1077 Startimes Smartcard number
1098 DStv Box Office DSTV Smart Card Number
1099 DStv Smart Card Number
1088 GOTV Decoder Number
1022 The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Postpaid (EEDC Postpaid) The Customer Account Number
1033 Swift 4G Subscription (Swift 4G) Customer ID
1021 The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid (EEDC Prepaid) The Meter Number
1014 The Kano Electricity Distribution Company(KEDCO Postpaid) The Account Number
1013 The Kano Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid (KEDCO Prepaid) The Meter Number
1044          The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC Bills) The Customer Account Number

Here Is How To Change Your PIN On The USSD Code

Should in case you intend to change your PIN, just dial *770*00#.

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