How To Get The Mtn Instagram 1gb Bundle, The Requirements And All You Must Know

MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle gives 1GB for N200

MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle is a recently introduced plan from MTN Nigeria, that allows Instagram users to enjoy ultimate browsing with 1GB for N200.

Currently it is the cheapest plan for the social app. The good news is, every MTN user can activate this MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle, without the need of registering a new SIM card.

Everyone knows that Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. Its also a platform where you can easily sit around and watch unlimited videos ranging from football, comedy, amazing etc.

This plan is a far cry from the recent MTN Deal Zone offer, that requires your SIM to be dormant for the past 30 days, to be eligible.


The new MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle is also a portable platform for users to enjoy those videos, stream through photos / pictures, and videos.

Instagram  users always complain about using high-bandwidth of data usage but MTN has come up with an answer to that problem.


What Does MTN Pulse InstaBinge Offer?

After understanding the purpose of the newly introduced bundle, the next step to is to understand and be very much sure of what it offers.

With the MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle, its easy to migrate to pulse and enjoy access to Instagram at any second of the day at a special rate.

There exist two rates, namely;

N100 that gives you 250MB data

N200 that gives you 1GB data

It is worthy to note that the InstaBinge bundle is exclusive to Pulse tarrif subscribers only, you must migrate to the plan before enjoying it.



How to activate the MTN 1GB Pulse InstaBinge bundle offer:

They are two ways to subscribe to this MTN bundle. The first option is via a USSD code while the other is via an SMS message box.


For USSD Code, Follow These Steps

Turn on your phone and insert your SIM card.

Proceed by Migrating to Pulse by simply dialing *406*1#

Dial *406*5#

Select 2 for 1GB @ N200

Then select 1 to Proceed with purchase of 1GB @ N200 and you’ll automatically be activated

Launch the Instagram app and enjoy the bundle.


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The USSD code is quite easier, but on the other hand, if you prefer subscribing through SMS, go ahead and complete your activation and subscription via the following using the following steps:


Turn on your phone

Slot in your SIM card

Proceed by Migrating to Pulse by sending 406 to 131

To get InstaBinge Lite send ‘INSTD1’ to 131

To get InstaBinge Heavy send ‘INSTD2’ to 131

Start your Instagram app and enjoy the bundle.


Note: If you already on the MTN pulse, there’s no need to migrate again.


Whichever method you choose, remember You must on be on the Pulse tariff plan to activate and enjoy the bundle.


Checking your MTN Pulse InstaBinge balance

Once you are done with activation, you can easily check your MTN InstaBinge bundle balance by dialing *559*39#, and it will automatically display on your screen.

There is another method to Check;

Dial *406*5# and  Tap on 3 (Check balance). Your MTN InstaBingle bundle balance will be displayed to you.


Activate the MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle Auto-renewal.

  • Simply Dial *406*5# and click on any of the bundle, in this case the Instagram 1GB @ N200
  • Choose 2 (Opt-in for Auto renewal)
  • Tap 1 to proceed
  • You will be activated automatically

Endeavour to understand how the MTN Auto-renewal  feature works.  When you agree to auto-renew any data plan, you are simply saying that “MTN should continue to deduct money for this particular bundle on the expiration day”

For 1GB InstaBinge Heavy, send RINSTD2 to 131 or dial *406*5# and select Opt in for Autorenewal.



To Cancel MTN InstaBinge Bundle Auto-renewal

  •  Dial *406*5#
  •  Click on the Instagram 1GB @ N200
  • Now choose 3 (Cancel Auto renewal)
  • Tap  1 to Proceed
  • The feature will be canceled automatically

There is another method to cancel auto-renewal feature on your bundle simply by sending the opt-out keyword to 131.

For 1GB InstaBinge Heavy, you can send NOINSTD2 to 131 or dial *406*5# and select Cancel Autorenewal.



MTN InstaBinge 1GB Bundle Validity

The MTN InstaBinge bundle plan is valid only for 24 hours. This means that, whenever and whatever plan you subscribe to, will be valid for a time frame of 24 hours.

This means if you subscribe to 1GB for N200 at 6am, it will expire by 6am the next day!

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