MTN Internet Settings: How To Setup For New Subscribers And All You Must Know

If you have a new internet enabled device and you use MTN network, you will definitely need your device to be configured. The internet configuration enables you to access internet, upload file, download file, use social platforms etc. So here in this review, we shall consider how to enable your device for internet activities.

When setting up device for internet configuration, you have to know if your device is Java or symbian. This will determine the configuration settings to be inputted. Although lots people are not adequately informed on the type of device they use. You can always check this in your device manual. If you use a smartphone, you may not stress yourself much. This is because it is often automatic.


There are two ways to get the MTN internet settings. These include automatic and manual internet settings configuration. The one you will go for depends on the type of your device and its capacity. The automatic internet settings configuration is very simple, simply insert an MTN SIM into your device and you will get an SMS asking you to save the configuration settings you will receive shortly. The moment you keep clicking on save as those messages comes, it means you are enabling your device for internet activities on MTN network. You will later get an SMS that will tell you can now browse.


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How To Configure Manually

For the manual configuration settings, it means you either have to initiate the configuration settings or input it by yourself on the device. This option is encouraged if after you insert your MTN SIM into the new device, you didn’t get the configuration settings SMS after a long while. If you want to initiate the configuration settings SMS, simply forward an SMS containing SETTINGS to 3888. You will get a welcome SMS followed by the configuration settings SMS if your device can receive it but if not you will be advised to call customer service for assistance. For device that can’t receive the settings, kindly locate the settings from the menu, click on configuration and fill in the details as follows:

Account Name: MTN WAP

IP address (Proxy):

Port: 9201

Username: web

Password: web


Access point name (APN):

After filling the above details, endeavour to save it so that your phone can be enabled for browsing.

For those with smartphone, kindly navigate to the settings from your menu, Click on More Network or Mobile Network and click on Access Point Name (APN) create a new one and fill as follows:

Account Name: MTN WEB

Username: web

Password: web

Access point name (APN):

After filling the details correctly, endeavor to save the settings so that you can be able to use it for the internet activities. Please note that it’s not all that is there to fill but these are the important ones to fill. Just ignore others and leave them empty.

For further enquiries or assistance on a particular device, you may contact customer service on 180 for free from an MTN mobile number.

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