Multichoice Nigeria: Dstv Channels And How To Subscribe On Different Packages

When we talk about the leading Satellite cable TV in Nigeria, we talk about Dstv, and there are so many reasons we love it which range from its awesome channels and number of packages making sure that everyone gets a chances to get entertained..

So if you are planning to buy or just bought a Dstv decoder and you are wondering what channels you can enjoy and how to subscribe to one of the numerous packages and the cost, simply take a seat and continue with this article..


Different DSTV Bouquet You Can Subscribe To

DSTV Access Bouquet

This bouquet offers you over 45 mostly local and international TV channels, once you get subscribed to this bouquet you get to enjoy TV channels like SuperSport BLITZ, AIT E Entertainment Africa Magic, Channels, Aljazeera Vox Africa, Spice TV, Super SportSelect 1, SuperSport Select 2, e.TV Africa, and so on.

Subscription is N1,800 per month


DSTV Family Bouquet

With this bouquet you just took a step further into entertainment, this is likely the most advisable bouquet if you are on a low budget and want to make sure every member of the family gets entertained. DSTV Family bouquet offers you all DSTV Access bouquet TV channels and more, TV channels like MTV Base, CNN, Mnet Series, Channel O, ESPN and so much more.

It has over 55 TV Channels, including all the 24 Dstv audio channels

Subscription is N3,600 per month


DSTV Compact Bouquet

This bouquet contains all the channels of both Access and Family Bouquets, so you should be expecting a wider variety of programmes and more channels to entertain you in the comfort of your home.

Football fans will surely love this bouquet as it contains Both SuperSport 11 and SuperSport 12 which are dedicated to showing English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga.

This bouquet has over 60 channels, which includes Food Network, National Geographic, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Afro Music Pop, SONY, SONY MAX, True Movie, AfricaMagic Epic Movies, Maisha Magic, Ebony Life, Discovery ID, TLC Entertainment and so on.

Subscription is N6,000 per month


DSTV Compact Plus Bouquet

It just got better for sport lovers with this bouquet, as it offers you more sport channels without you paying for the premium bouquet.

Sport channels like SuperSport 7 Nigeria, SuperSport 3 Africa, SuperSport 10, SuperSport 11 (DStv Channel 231) and SuperSport 12 (DStv Channel 232) were added in Feburary 2016 to make sure sport lovers do not miss a thing.

Other channels added to the compact bouquet are: Eva, M-City,Zee World, BBC Brit, CBeebies, AfricaMagic Igbo and AfricaMagic Urban.

Subscription is N9,420 per month


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DSTV Premium Bouquet

This is what I call entertainment at its best, this bouquet offers you a total of 100 channels, with a lot of choices and you never have to get bored while watching TV.

One cool thing about this bouquet is that you get to enjoy all the channels on Access, Family, Compact and Compact Plus bouquet all in the this Premium bouquet

TV channels in the Premium bouquet include M-Net Movies+ Africa, M-Net Movies romance Africa, M-Net Movies Showcase Africa, M-Net Movies Action Africa, M-Net Movies Stars, M-Net Edge Africa, BBC Knowledge, History, TRACE Sport Stars and so on.

Subscription is N13,980/month


That is all the packages on DStv and what they can offer you. If you have any questions you can just use the comments section and I will get to you immediately

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