Nairabox: How To Make Payment Online On All Mobile Devices In A Faster Way

How to become a nairabox Retailer

How To Register as a nairabox Retailer


Click on “merchant sign up” at the top of the nairabox merchant website, fill out the form that pops up and upload your company’s logo. Check the phrase “i have read and agreed to the terms and condition” and then click on Register. Note that by clicking on submit you have truly agreed to the terms and condition binding on nairabox merchants.


Add Bank Account details

Go back to the merchant website and click on sign in. Enter your sign in details. Click on “Manage Bank”, then click on “Add a new bank account”. Fill out the form that pops up and click on OK.


Download the nairabox app

Get a mobile device and download nairabox. This device will serve as your merchant device and will be used to scan customer’s digital ticket and/or accept payment. This device must be a phone phone running on android or ios. After downloading the app, launch it, click on “sign in” at the botton left corner of the screen. Then on the next page, click on “merchant sign in” in red text at the bottom of the screen.


Scan your Customers

Enter your login details which include: the Merchant ID, Merhant PIN, Terminal ID and tap on “sign in”. Your device is ready to accept paymet and/or scan digital ticket NOTE: Your terminal ID can be any number or set of numbers


Type Of Payment Available On Nairabox

Pay Bills

Never forget to pay your bills! The automatic bill payment feature does the job for you with no extra charge!

Buy Airtime

Never run out of airtime. Auto airtime automatically tops up your phone as often as you choose!

Cinema Tickets

Be the first to watch your favorite Movies. Buy Cinema tickets from the comfort of your home

Event Tickets

Catch the latest events and have fun with friends… Nairabox features your way of life in a single app.

In-Store Payment

Get Awesome discounts when you make in-store payments with Nairabox.


Functions That Makes Nairabox Standout

 How Nairabox Works Offline!

Nairabox Stands out because it is reliable and available even in times when Point of Sale Systems or similar apps are not. It lets you record transactions even when the internet is down. Your transaction is stored locally, and automatically synchronized to your account when you’re connected again.

 This Is Convenience in a Brand new Dimension!

Nairabox allows you to instantly make transactions with ease anytime on your device.. We also offer excellent customer service with dedicated representatives who are knowledgeable and quick to follow up on emails sent to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Nairabox, Security You can Trust!

Nairabox is built on repeatedly proven authentic and encryption standards that allows you effectively control all access to your account and ensure your funds are safe.

You Can Track Your Trasactions Anytime!

By recording any kind of transaction made through Nairabox, you can monitor transaction trends and view transaction reports for the day, month, or year.

Steps In Setting Up A Nairabox Account

Download the App

The Application works on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets of all sizes and resolutions. Nairabox is constantly improving with free updates that equip you with great new features to give you satisfying services.

How To Fund Your Wallet

Nairabox offers different types of payment options.
Add funds with ATM/Debit Card
Add funds with QuickTeller
Add funds with Bank Transfer and Cash Deposit
Add funds at an ATM

Enjoy Quick and Easy Transactions

The rest is limitless! Enjoy and discover new features in Nairabox as you use it daily.
And yes, we reward our faithful customers with amazing bonuses to let you know how important you are to us.

Once all the steps are completed, then you can enjoy unlimited access to the platform.


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