We have about seventeen ranks in the Nigerian army, like every other army, these ranks have different duties that are attached to them. Since the formation of the Nigerian army in 1960, no officer have ever attained the seventeenth rank which is the highest.


Here Are The Nigerian Army Ranks

Non commissioned Nigerian army ranks:


  • Master warrant officer:

The warrant officer is the highest in thia category of the Nigerian army, which is also called master sergeant.


  • Warrant officer:

The warrant officer rank is known to be a good rank for any young military officer, in the hierarchy of the Nigerian army. The warrant officer comes after staff sergeant.


  • Staff sergeant:

Staff sergeant is a senior non-commissioned officer which comes after sergeant in the Nigerian army.


  • Sergeant:

This rank comes after the corporal rank, the sergeant is still a junior non-commissioned officer in the Nigerian army even though it’s a senior rank to corporal and lance corporal.


  • Corporal:

This corporal rank is the second rank in the hierarchy of the Nigerian army which is the next rank that comes after lance corporal.


  • Lance corporal:

This is the lowest rank in the hierarchy of the Nigerian army.

The commissioned Nigerian army ranks from the lowest to the highest:


  • Second lieutenant:

The second lieutenant is the lowest rank in the commissioned officers hierarchy.


  • First lieutenant:

The first lieutenant is the next rank after the second lieutenant in the Nigerian army


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  • Captain:

This is the most popular rank in the army hierarchy of Nigeria


  • Major:

Major is the next rank just after the captain rank in the Nigerian army hierarchy


  • Lieutenant colonel:

The lieutenant colonel is well known to be one of the most vital rank in the Nigerian army which comes after the rank of major


  • Colonel:

Here comes one of the top Nigerian army rank which comes immediately after the rank of lieutenant colonel


  • Brigadier:

The rank of a brigadier is the lowest rank of the general officers in the Nigerian army


  • Major general:

The rank of the major general is the second rank in the power rank of generals in the Nigerian army


  • Lieutenant general:

The rank of the lieutenant general is the third rank in the power rank of generals in the Nigerian army


  • General:

The rank of general is the highest rank which any officer have ever attained in the Nigerian army


  • Field Marshall:

The field Marshall is the highest rank in the hierarchy of the Nigerian army which is also known to be the General of the Army.



How To Enroll

  • Buy the card from any unity bank or union bank
  • Get your valid card serial number and pin
  • Go to the Nigerian army portal via Narecruitment.org
  • Enrol by entering your desired password and username
  • Complete the required information and submit the application. Please remember to print the application confirmation page.


Entering Requirement

  • You must be a Nigerian
  • You must be 18 to 22 years
  • You must be medically and physically fit
  • You must be 1.65 mater tall for men and 1.56 meter tall for women
  • You must not have any criminal conviction
  • You must have at least 3 credit passes in SSCE/NECO/GCE
  • You must have birth certificate or age declaration

Please note that all original document must be presented at the screening exercise.


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