Songhai Farm: How To Start A Training Program And Songhai Farm Address

The idea of the creation of Nilo-Saharan language Centre came from Father Godfrey Nzamujo, who happens to be Dominican priest with a doctorate degrees in physics, microbiology, and development science. Father Nzamujo joined forces with a gaggle of Africans and friends of Africa UN agency shared the vision of giving back to Africa its dignity, that has been unloved for much too long.

During 1982-1983, the media provided luxuriant pictures of African famine and severe drought, that smitten Abyssinia above all. These pictures delineated Africa as a continent ravaged by bloody wars, famine, crisis, and impoverishment — a continent wherever hope wasn’t allowable. Father Nzamujo, UN agency was then a university academician within the u. s., landed in Africa with the firm conviction to vary things. “At first, no one believed it, neither my religion, nor my family and friends. however i used to be convinced that tomorrow would vary, as a result of God was attending to facilitate North American nation which injustice can be pushed away. (“Songhai once Africa stands up”, p.28).

Of all the countries he has traveled, as well as Nigeria, his country of origin, solely Republic of Benin totallyembraced Father Nzamujo’s vision and believed within the project. AN acre of land was given by the Benin government to implement the project at Ouando (a neighborhood of Porto-Novo). therefore Nilo-Saharan language was created in October 1985 in Porto-Novo, borrowing its name from a robust and flourishing West African empire of the fifteenth century. This prestigious empire galvanized members of Nilo-Saharan language Centre proudly and hope for a dignified and prosperous Africa. They noted that the core values that have contributed to the emergence of the good civilization of geographic area, specifically vision, courage, creativity, sense of community, discipline, and commonness, had cared-for disappear from the habits of the African peoples. Father Nzamujo and his followers took on the challenges of revitalizing the values rooted in ancient African civilizations and remodeling the continent’s unnumbered comparative blessings into competitive blessings that may effectively enhance the opportunities obtainable. Their specific target was the African youth.

Four years once its creation, Nilo-Saharan language began to coach young agricultural entrepreneurs. Long length coaching began in Porto-Novo in 1989. The Centre swollen its mission throughout Dahomey and western sub-region of Africa.


Songhai Farm Port novo Benin Republic Website:


Songhai Farm Contacts Information


Route de Ouando

Porto-Novo (République du Bénin)

01 BP 597 Porto-Novo

Tél : +229 20 24 60 92 / 20 24 68 81

Fax : +229 20 24 72 50



Songhai Farm Delta State: The Centre Offers Training In The Following Fields:-

  1. Fishery                                              8. Crops Production
  2. Piggery                                              9. Rabbitory
  3. Poultry                                             10. Welding and Fabrication
  4. Food Processing                            11. Hotel Management
  5. Snailery                                            12. Computer Training
  6. Grasscutter Production               13. Building Technology
  7. Animals Feed Formulation


Category Accomodation Feeding Tuition First Aid Duration Total Naira
Regular N18,000 N67,500 N65,000 N4000 1 Month N154,500
2 Weeks N77,250


Songhai Farm Contacts In Amukpe, Delta State


PHONE: (+234) 080 337-88124

In Nigeria, the Songhai model center at Amukpe in Delta State was founded in 2002; Songhai model centers in Bunu Tai in Rivers state also used as a Resort Center and Adani in Enugu State were added in 2010. Nigeria took the lead in the replication of the Songhai model! In 2011 and 2012, the Songhai model was implemented in several Nigerian states: Enugu (Heneke); Lagos (Avia); Katsina (Dutsinma, Sabke and Mairuwa), Cross River (Abi), Ebonyi (Abakaliki). Liberia and Sierra Leone are currently joining within the movement. A Songhai model was created in each of these countries in 2011.

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  1. Hi. Am Danielle. I would love to do business with your farm. I would love to be supplied crates of eggs. I stay in Asaba.
    Could you please send me details on how you sell. And also how I can get them. Thanks alot.

  2. pls am now into snail farming. how can i buy your breeder snail in nigera and what price

  3. I would like to know more about your training program. Is it held in Delta in Nigeria or Cotonou in Benin? The reason for my question is that I would love to send my son for vocational training on a month long program. Inbox me at :

  4. I would love to attend the program am in port Harcourt can i only pay for tutorial fee with paying the rest

    • Hi Daniel,
      Please call or email the farm for further advise.

  5. is one entitled to all the 13 courses listed in the table once registered

  6. I’d love to get a proper training on this. I’m a fresh graduate please help

  7. Good day. Am a piggery farmer with a size of 133 pigs but am not getting desired result and appropriate market to dispose matured pigs. I started in June 2013 with a plot of land and a farm assistant. It is my retirement plan, I see potential in the business. My feeding component for now is pkc and some compounded materials (such as maize, soya, wheatoffal, lysine, premix, toxin binder, bone, limestone). Is there any other affordable feeding component that can help achieve better result? Kindly assist. Let me know what I need to do. I do not want to abandon the project because of investment already committed in it.

    I also have interest in snailery but am not sure of market for it.

    I look forward to your response very soon. Thank you

  8. Good day, I want to go into fishery, can i get the equipment and juvina from you guys thks


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