South Africa Visa: How To Apply On Vfs And The Fees Involved

South Africa visa is the authorization any citizen of another country has to come into south Africa at a particular time for a period of time for one reason or the other based on the intention of the immigrant. There are different types of south Africa visa granted for immigrants. In this review, we are going to be doing a thorough analysis on how you can go about procuring a visa with less stress. Kindly follow our analysis below as we proceed.



South Africa Visa Types And Fees

The south African visa can grouped into two generally. This include the short term and long term visa. However, there is only one visa type under the short term visa category which is the holiday visa. Holiday visa comes with a fee of N22765.

The longer term visa include permit for study, general work permit, critical skill, relative spouse, exceptional skill, retired person, relative (others) and for business. This means that your visa application will definitely fall into any of these permits. Each of this permit cost N22765.

Please note that the fee is in accordance with the current exchange rate. This may change as the exchange rate changes. Also note that the fee is VAT inclusive.



Visa Application Required  Documents

  1. Two identical passport photographs size 45mm X 45mm
  2. A valid passport at least 30 days
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Letter of consent from major
  5. Proof of financial status i.e six months statement of account
  6. Marriage certificate where applicable
  7. Copy of vaccination certificate duly completed by an hospital.
  8. A letter of self introduction with physical address and mobile contact.
  9. Letter of invitation from a person living in South Africa with physical address and phone number. (where applicable)
  10. Introduction letter from an Employer signed with contact details (physical address and phone

number (landline/ cell number) (where applicable)

  1. Letter of invitation from a person living in South Africa with physical address and phone number. (where applicable).


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Visa Application Procedures

To apply for any type of south African visa, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to to download the visa application form.
  2. Fill the visa application form
  3. Make a clear photocopy of all the original documents, previous visas and two clear photocopies of passport data page.
  4. Pay in cash your visa application fee and services fee at the bank teller counter of the Visa Application Centre.
  5. Submit your application at the VFS South Africa Visa Application centres. Please note that you can only submit between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Friday with exception of public Holidays.


Visa Application Tracking

After you submit a visa application at any of the VFS South Africa Visa Application centres, you can track the application online. Please follow the steps below to track the visa application:

  1. Log on to
  2. Input your reference number and date of birth
  3. Verify the number
  4. Input the captcha
  5. Click on submit to get the application details.


If you have any challenge or enquiry on the visa application procedure, you may call 234 81 5018 8800 or send an email to or simply visit any of the VFS South Africa Visa Application centres close to you.

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