UBA Secure Pass: How To Setup And Use For Transactions

UBA Secure Pass is an app to generate a One Time Passcode (OTP) to authorize transactions on a UBA account. With the OTP you can complete a UBA transaction using either your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking User ID. UBA Secure Pass can be used without a UBA Transfer Code. With or without using the OTP, UBA Secure Pass makes the transaction complete.

The UBA secure pass is a mobile app that lets you perform money transfers using your mobile phone. It replaces the use of hard tokens to complete UBA money transfer.

This guide shows you how to generate UBA secure pass USSD codes and how to use them to complete a UBA transaction.

First you need to download the app on your phone. Once you’ve done that, go to the settings tab. From there, you’ll have to create a new OTP and then choose a name for it. After you’ve done that, tap the submit button and you will get an OTP.

The UBA secure app is a secure way to generate tokens to complete your transactions.

How To Get UBA Secure Pass

You will need to download and install the secure pass app on your smartphone.

  1. Go Search the Android Market for “U-Token”. For Blackberry users, search for “U-Token”
  2. Tap on install on Android, get on iOS and add on Windows
  3. Wait on the installation

How To Get Your UBA Secure Pass User ID

If you have an existing UBA internet banking user ID or UBA mobile banking ID, you can use the instructions below to create your UBA internet banking profile.

If you do not have a UBA internet banking login, skip this step.

  1. Open go to the UBA internet banking online registration form
  2. Type Your bank account number
  3. Enter UBA First 6 Digits
  4. Enter card pin [pin used to withdraw from ATM]
  5. Type the expiration date [year-mon]
  6. Click “Do more.

To complete your registration you need to follow the instructions on the screen.

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How To Log In To UBA Secure Pass

You can access the UBA app on your phone to generate the OTP code to complete your transaction

  1. Open UBA secure pass app
  2. Select The country where you live in [Nigeria for this article]
  3. Type The “OTP” that you sent to your registered number will be delivered to the phone number on file

This will allow you to use the app to generate OTP code to complete all transactions on your UBA bank account.

How To Request Secure Pass Service

Here are the steps for requesting OTPs to start generating UBA secure passes.

  1. Sign enter your UBA secure pass
  2. Select “I want to make a request for a Secure Pass
  3. Click If you have a secure pass app for UBA Internet banking, you will need to sign in with your UBA internet banking ID. If you have a mobile banking user ID skip this step.
  4. Enter Click Yes to create a new UBA token identity
  5. Click ““”You can download the UBA Secure Pass app by following this link: https://www.ubanetwork.com/apps/app_download.php?app_id=1615&id=7
  6. Click How to Use the Automatic Activation On “Automatic Activation”
  7. Tap “If the activation is successful, then “Next”

How To Generate UBA Secure Pass Token

The UBA pass app enables you to create a PIN and generate a UBA token, all using your smartphone.

  1. Activate UBA secure access
  2. Click on the “Continue” button.
  3. Input 4 PIN that you can remember
  4. Re-input the PIN again to confirm that you have typed it correctly
  5. Click the “Submit” button
  6. OTP code will be produced.

Now, with the UBA Secure app, you can generate a one-time password on your mobile device for every time you need to use the app.

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