Unicef Nigeria: Address, Recruitment, Phone, Email And All You Need To Know With Contact Details

UNICEF is happens to be the biggest and humanitarian organisation in the world. They have received the Nobel Prize for what they do, which is the first to be received by an organisation and also the Prince of Austria’s Award.

UNICEF was established in 1946 with a specific mission to bring emergency healthcare and food to children that are in the World War II destroyed countries. It was originally named United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund. And was changed later to United Nation’s Children Fund after it was adopted officially as one of the permanent branch of the UN in 1954.

UNICEF headquarters are in New York City and has operation in over 190 countries with a focus in children welfare that are located in risky areas, since 2006, UNICEF has been concentrating in the following areas:

  • Basic education and gender equality
  • Child survival and development
  • Child protection and policy advocacy
  • Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS on children
  • Partnerships

Since its inception, UNICEF has been a major player in worldwide development work, they operate during emergency period, contributing to developing countries to give children basic resources and advocate for the right of children.


UNICEF Nigeria: UNICEF has been long in Nigeria with specific aim of working with other organisations, and individuals to overcome many obstacles caused by violence, poverty, discrimination and diseases which has been placed in the Pth of children.

However, Nigeria happens to be one of the first country in Africa where programme of cooperation was established by UNICEF. Over the years, there are specific areas that UNICEF Nigeria has been focusing its attention, they are as follows:

  • Nutrition
  • Control and prevention of HIV and AIDS
  • A quality basic education
  • Survival and development of young children
  • Protection of children
  • Hygiene, water and sanitation
  • Children health
  • Gender equality and basic primary education
  • Reduction of disaster risk and emergency
  • Research, analysis, communication and social policies.


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UNICEF Nigeria Job Recruitment Opportunity

For individuals and organisations who want to find out more about UNICEF Nigeria’s job recruitment should visit their official Nigerian portal at www.unicef.org/nigeria/about_8630.html

Below are full contact of UNICEF Nigeria, their email, mobile phone numbers, fax and their contact address in major states in Nigeria.

  1. UNICEF Nigeria head office:

United Nations House

Located at plot 617/618, Diplomatic Drive

Central business District, PMB 2851, Garki, Abuja

Email: Abuja@unicef.org, nigeria@unicef.org

Phone Number: +2348036590421


  1. Kaduna State Branch

C-field office,

Located at 53 Yakubu Avenue

U/Rimi G.R.A Kaduna state

Email: Kaduna@unicef.org

Phone Number: +23462244243


  1. Lagos State Branch

B-field office,

Located at 18 Lugard Avenue off Alfred

Rewane road Ikoyi,  lagos state

Email: lagos@unicef.org

Phone Number: +23414615644-45


  1. Bauchi State Branch:

D-field office,

Located at 20 Abdulkadir Ahmed Road,

Opposite state library commercial layout, Bauchi state.

Email: bauchi@unicef.org

Phone Number: +23477543573


  1. Enugu state branch:

A-field office,

32/34 Ishielu Avenue,

Independent layout,

PMB 1644, Enugu state

Email: enugu@unicef.org

Phone Number: +23442459435-437

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