How To Get NECO Examination Question And Answer Online

The National Examinations Council (NECO) stands today as a competitive and reputable examinations body in Nigeria which conducts both the National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE), Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (JSCE), General Certificate in Examination (GCE) December-January and the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) June-July. Setup in 1999 by the then Nigerian     Military Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar as the first Federal Government run organ to offer discounted rates for students registering for the above stated examinations in the country.


It ran its first successful examinations across the nation in 2000, NECO like any other Nigerian examination body has the capacity for students seeking to write its examination to register for the examination online and to also check their results online.


The major difference between the West African Examination (WAEC) and the National Examinations Council (NECO) is that while WAEC examination is supervised and organized for all the countries of the West African region by a West African governing body, the NECO examinations is setup and organized solely by the Nigerian Government. Entry into Nigerian universities require prospective students to either possess either WAEC or NECO SSCE or GCE results.


This article will delve into how and where prospective candidates can get past-questions-and-answers to study before the stipulated date of examinations. Below is a list of websites that one can download past questions and answer from online:


List Of Online Past Question And Answer Platform

  1. My Past Questions dotcom

Is a well analytic website that offers prospective candidates who wish to sit for NECO examinations a well detailed brief of what to expect from the examination and how to get prepared. They also offer prospective NECO candidates an all-subject well-compiled catalogue of past NECO questions and answers. The website also opens student’s eyes to scholarship opportunities and how to go about admission into higher institution even after students must have sat for the NECO examinations.


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  1. Assure Educational Services

Assure Educational Services offers student the opportunity to download past NECO questions and answers in all subjects from their website. Also, prospective candidates can download a well compiled timetable of the examination and a well document syllabus all ready for download.



Edu-Regard is a full service educational website that offers a blog of current happening around the educational sector in Nigeria, a library of free eBooks for Nigerian students, tutorials on various subjects and also past NECO questions and answers in all subjects; they also offer details on available scholarship opportunities in Nigeria and abroad.



Price Nigeria which is not a basically educational website, has gone out of its way to offer prospective candidates wishing to sit for the NECO examinations the opportunity to download all subjects free. The website which is a general service platform for folks seeking information on business, mobile technology etc. can now avail themselves of downloading a well compiled catalogue of past NECO questions and answers.



My-School is an educational consult website that offers students a full database of past NECO questions and answers both for study on the website and also for download. With a beautifully colorful website, My-School also acquaints students with information on the goings-on in various schools across the nation via its current new section. They also inform students on available scholarship opportunities.

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