University Of Melbourne: How To Enroll For Master Program And All You Must Know

The University of Melbourne is the Australian second oldest University founded in 1853. It is ranked best in Australia by both Times Higher Education and Academic Ranking of World Universities. The University is known for its high standard of research and it is attended by both foreign and Australian students.


The University has five campuses which can be found at Parkville, Burnley, Hawthorn, Southbank and Werribee. In order to maintain academic excellence, the university is partnership with divers research centers some of which are Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Grattan Institute, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research etc.


The university offers 9 undergraduate degrees which include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Oral Health, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science. The institution also offers 25 professional courses at masters or doctorate level. Some of these courses include Master of Urban Planning, Master of Teaching, Master of Social Work, Juris Doctor, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Doctor of Medicine etc.



Requirements For Masters Program

To enroll for masters program at the university of Melbourne, you will need to first choose the masters program you wish to apply for and its entry requirements. You also need to check for English language requirements for international students.


To view available masters program, please visit

You may click on any of them to get full details about the program. To check the English language requirements for each masters program, please visit


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How To Enroll For Masters Program

To enroll for masters program, please note that AUD$100 application fee will be required. To apply, please follow the steps below:


  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on “apply” below
  3. Navigate and click on “Apply as a new Student”
  4. On the following page, fill in the form and verify all information are correct before submitting.
  5. You can check your email for your login details.
  6. Visit the institution application website and login with your details to complete your application.


From here further details will be sent to you if you meet up with requirements and scale through. Please note that the mode of communication will be via email address.



Facts About The University Of Melbourne

  1. The motto of the university written in Latin is interpreted as “May I grow in the esteem of future generations”
  2. The university has produced Four Australian prime ministers and nine Nobel laureates.
  3. The foundation stone of the university was laid on 3rd July, 1854.
  4. The university of Melbourne has 12 residential colleges.
  5. The university of Melbourne library receives 3 million visitors yearly.
  6. Sir Charles Hotham, a Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of Victoria, officially opened the building on 3rd October, 1855.
  7. The university of Melbourne spends so much on research as much as Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO ).


For enquiries, you may forward an email to or call +(61 3) 9035 5511.

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