Glo 1000 Subscription: How To Subscribe And All The Benefits You Must Know

The foremost per second billing telecommunication network in Nigeria, Glo is currently ranked by many to have a very high internet speed among her counterparts. This maybe the reason Glo has a large internet user base in Nigeria at the moment.

According to the NCC (National Communication Commission), in their recently released statistics Glo has the largest internet subscriber rate. Lets say the indigenous telecommunications company knows how to serve her people.

In the recent times, Globacom has offered cheap data plans when compared to other telecommunication network in the country. This may have added to her success and as well complemented with quality internet service. This means that, even though the subscribers are paying less, they are getting much more value for their money. I also strongly believe that they have no plan to lose their customers which means they are committed to keeping them.


In this piece, we want to examine Glo N1000 data worth subscription. Glo has a number of data plans which are quite inexpensive and impressive. The data plans ranges from daily to weekly to monthly and a few other unique data plans to cater for people with special demands.


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The Glo N1000 worth of data subscription is quite impressive. It comes with a data cap of 3.2GB. This was originally 1.6GB but Glo now offers 100% increase on data purchase. This has made it possible for the data to step up to 3.2GB. This is the best offer you can ever get at the moment.  It can be used on modems, phones, tablets etc. Its validity covers a period of 30 days. This data cap amount on other networks is worth almost twice of what Glo charges.

To subscribe for this data plan, kindly dial 12753# on a line with sufficient airtime balance to do the subscription. You may also subscribe via text message, simply navigate to your SMS menu and create an SMS containing” 53″ and then forward it to 127. The money will be deducted and a subscription will be activated for you. You will also be notified of your subscription.


Interestingly, Glo has made provision for you in the case your data is getting exhausted and you still have lots of things to do. Instead of resubscribing at the same amount, you can simply top up your data especially when you are low on finance. You may boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 or simply buy 300MB for just N200. Isn’t that wonderful? It is, if we want to be honest. To enjoy this great data boost offer, please dial *777# to get extra data. Please note that 1GB Data Plan Boost is only available for 1GB plans or higher.


With this info, Glo N1000 worth of data subscription rocks for Android users who love to surf the internet, download songs and movies and even watch YouTube videos. Enjoy the indigenous telecommunication network data deal, its all for you.

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