Zenith Bank Code: How To Use For Checking BVN And For Different Transactions


This service is available to every individual account holder with any phone that runs on the GSM platform. There is so much to be done with a few steps and the right code. This application is totally free, as long as you have airtime. You wont need a data connection.


Opening An Account With Zenith Bank Is Now One Of The Simplest Tasks Ever

Just dial *966*0# and follow the onscreen instructions you receive. An account number will be automatically generated and sent to you through an SMS. You don’t need any  Account opening forms for the sign up process. From the moment you sign up, look out for your ten-digit account number (NUBAN).


Check Your Account Balance At Anywhere And Anytime

To check for your balances on any of your zenith bank accounts, just dial; *966*00# on your mobile phone registered to the zenith bank  account and follow the on-screen instructions


You Can Buy Airtime And Data For Yourself And Others

Just dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# on your phone (for example, *966*1000*0803456789#) to buy airtime.

NOTE: Daily transfer limit on airtime is #3000



To Send And Receive Money At Your Convenience

Simply Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *966*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number that is registered with your Zenith Bank account and follow the on-screen prompts.


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Pay your DStv, PHCN and other Zenith Billers conveniently

To pay your DStv and PHCN bills, just dial; *966*7*Amount*Customer ID# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instructions.

To pay other Billers through Zenith bank, just dial; *966*6*Biller code*Amount# on the same registered mobile number and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your BVN uniquely identifies you as a zenith bank customer.

Just dial *966*BVN# to update your Bank Verification Number (BVN) with the number associated with your Zenith Bank account.



Mobile Banking/USSD Password Or PIN Reset

To reset, just dial; *966*60# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instructions.


To Deactivate Your Zenith bank Account

To block all debit transactions from your account, dial; *966*911# from any mobile phone. Enter your account number, enter your AlertZ mobile number and Press “1” to continue. Your account will be blocked  instantly. To unblock your account, go to any Zenith Bank branch.

● Retrieval of ATM card PIN Dial *966*60# and choose option 4.



● Block your Card in the event of a fraud, theft or loss.


Dial *966*60# and choose option 6.



● Manage a cardless withdrawal



To create and cancel a cardless withdrawal code, simply dial *966*60# and choose option 7.



● Choose a preferred USSD account to debit


Dial *966*60# and choose option 8 to select your preferred USSD account to be debited for your USSD transactions.



● Perform transactions above N100k through USSD



To perform transactions above N100,000, get started by dialling *966*60# and then choose option to sign indemnity.

● Activate Agent Banking activities (cash in and cash out)



Dial *966*66# and follow the on screen instructions.


● Perform a USSD on POS



Dial *966*000# and enter your POS Reference code.


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