Airtel APN Settings: How To Set Up Airtel APN On All Android Mobile Devices

In this review we would be looking at Airtel APN Settings as Airtel Nigeria is one of the communication network in Nigeria that offer cheap data bundle. If you have Data Bundle, you are not free to start browsing until you set up the right APN settings. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, i suggest you calm down as you would be taught how to fix the problem here.


What is Access Point APN?

This article was not meant to be some sort of tutorial, but its important you really understand what APN means. Basically, Access Point Name (APN) is simply a name given to some set of data you provide to your mobile network, so that whenever you want to connect to the internet, they know exactly how to do it. If your mobile network connects you wrongly, problems may arise.


In most cases, whenever you put your sim card into your phone, the right APN setting is automatically configured. This happens regardless of the kind of phone in use. When the sim is changed to another sim card, the APN settings would also change based on the network operator. Although APN settings is expected to be automatically configured, there are times when something would go wrong, and you would be required to fix the problem.


How Do You Fix APN Settings Issues?

There are simply two ways to fix issues concerning APN settings. The two methods of resolving APN settings issues would be discussed. You can resolve this issue by simply sending an SMS and by changing some settings on the phone.


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Option1. Sending SMS

All mobile operators have a word you can send to a particular number to solve this issue. In this case, we are concerned with Airtel, so you can simply solve this issue on Airtel by sending the model of your phone to 232. Example, Tecno P5 to 232.

There are times when this method would still not work. If this method does not work, it means the problem has to be resolved the other way. This method in most cases do not work because the mobile operator failed to respond. If this does not work, simply move on to the next method.


Option 2. Manual Settings

The fastest and more reliable way to solve APN issues is using this method. To solve APN issue using this method, simply navigate to setting on your Android device. On the settings interface, look for “Mobile Networks”. If you cannot find “Mobile Networks”, tap “More”, it should be there. On the new interface, you should see Access Point Names. On seeing it, tap on it and another interface would come up. On the next interface, if you are using a dual sim phone, you would be asked to select which sim. Select the Airtel sim you have problem with, if it is in the first sim card slot, select the first slot. If it is in the second slot, select the second slot.

At this point, you would see a list of Access Points Name, e.g. Airtel MMS, Airtel NG, etc. You are not concerned with them, just leave them. At the top-right corner of your screen, you would find a button that has three vertical dots, tap it and you would be asked if you want to create a new APN or reset to default. Tap “New APN”, and a new interface would come up which is where we are going.

There are lots of items on this new interface, but you are to change only three of them. The first one is “Name”. You can just type anything, but make sure you do not leave it empty. Preferably, you can fill in “Airtel Nigeria”. The second is “APN”. This one is very important, and you should simply fill in “”. The last thing you are concerned with is “Authentication Type”, in some phones, it is known as “Security”. Here you are required to select from a list, just select “PAP or CHAP”.

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