Baba Ijebu: How To Play Different Types Of Games And All The Tips You Must Know

The Baba Ijebu Lotto also known as Premier Lotto is Nigeria’s leading lottery company.

It is a private organisation owned by Kesington Adebutu who is also known as “Baba Ijebu”. Baba Ijebu is a kind of gambling where you get paid for the right predictions.



List Of Baba Ijebu Games

There are 24 games all together and the most popular one is National. It is played only on Saturday and it is played both in Nigeria and Ghana.

The list include:



Mark II










Lucky G

Club Master










Premier King



How To Play Baba Ijebu

The Baba Ijebu consits of different playing method with different winning amount. Their list in order of increasing winning amount include;

* Permutation

* 2 Sure

* 3 Direct

* 4 Direct

* 5 Direct

You are to choose any number from 1 to 90 , and the 5 winning numbers will be drawn randomly.

To win, you need to predict at least 2 of any of the 5 winning numbers.



Baba Ijebu Permutation

Permutation allows you to predict  up to 10 numbers and if just 2 out of your 10 predicted numbers comes out in the result, you will be among the winners.


Baba Ijebu 2 Sure

2 Sure means playing just 2 numbers that you think would be in the 5 winning numbers. If you play 2 sure with N100, you can win N24,000.

Any amount used in playing 2 Sure should be multiplied by 240 to know how much you will win.

Note that if only one of your number comes out, you will not win.


Baba Ijebu 3 Direct

With 3 direct, you will predict three numbers. If these three numbers comes out, you will win. If one or two comes you can’t win without the third number. If you play 3 Direct with 100 naira, you stand a chance of winning 210,000 naira.


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Baba Ijebu 4 Direct

This allows you to play just four numbers. If all this four numbers comes out in the draw, believe me. You are now a millionaire with just 100 naira. And if you play this game with 1000 naira and you win, my brother you don’t need to work again forever!


Baba Ijebu 5 Direct

With Baba Ijebu 5 Direct, you will need to predict five numbers, and all this five numbers must be in the winning draw for you to win. If you play this 5 Direct with 500 naira and you won, your children children would still be using the money you won years after. But the winning chances are very slim.



How To Get Baba Ijebu Winning Numbers

Targeted Numbers

This methods means that you would keep playing the same set of numbers till you get lucky. But you can never know when these numbers will come out. Some play the same number each and every day through the year and they get lucky at some point in time.


Dream Numbers

These is when the players plays the numbers he sees in the dream. It could be the number of a house, or the number of oranges in a basket in your dream. Using this method, some people actually get lucky.



This method is just like reading past questions for an exam. It requires the players to play numbers that won that same day in about seventeen years back. People actually get lucky sometimes with this method.

** Other people just decide to guess and play their mind.



With this understanding, you can try your luck and play the next baba ijebu game. To play just go to any Baba Ijebu kiosk with the red telephone-like boxes and give them your number and the money you’re using to play.

To get the result, go back to that same terminal where you played your game and it will be boldly written there.


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