Renewable Energy: Different Types Of Alternative Energy, Their Advantages And Setup

Renewable energy is the type of energy that can be renewed or replaced. This type of energy is usually gotten from renewable resources. These renewable resources are natural resources which cannot be used up examples are sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy can be used to provides energy in the major important areas which includes electric generation, air and water heating/cooling, and transportation.


Alternative energy on the other hand is any source of energy that is an alternative, or that can be use instead of (that can be used to replace) fossil fuel. These alternatives are intended to address issues about fossil fuels, such as its high carbon dioxide emissions (an important factor in global warming), air pollution, and other things resulting from the combustion of these fuels.

This fossil fuels are the nonrenewable forms of energy. Once they have undergo combustion, we cannot get them back neither can we get the raw materials used in producing them. Instead we get a new different substance like carbon monoxide from the exhaust of machinery which results in air pollution.

Take Petrol for example. The raw material for petrol is crude oil. If we keep refining crude oil to get petrol, it will get to a point in time where crude oil no longer exist. This is the reason why the agencies in charge have come together and have sought out ways to find alternative sources (renewable energy) of energy for the nonrenewable sources.

The alternative energy that has been employed is the renewable energy. In today’s age, many countries of the world have started switching to renewable source of energy as an alternative to the use of hazardous fuels.

Marine energy, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal and solar power are all alternative sources of energy, and note that there can all be renewed.



Some Alternative (Renewable) Source Of Energy

  1. Rooftop Solar Panel

These are a very common type of renewable energy. Almost everyone uses them, and if you are not already using it, then you need to start using it. This rooftop solar panel, consists of several solar plates arranges systematically on the roof of your house. This is for the purpose of powering your house with the sun. This panels would convert the heat from the sun into electrical energy for use in your home.


  1. Wind Turbine

This can be said to be the cheapest of them all. All you need is a turbine with the structure of a wind vane and when the winds rolls it, it generate electricity.


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  1. Solar Oven

If you can’t power your entire home with the solar panels, then it is better you power your cooking with the sun. This solar oven uses the heat from the sun to cook your food! You do not need any other source of fuel.


  1. Hydro Power

This could really take a lot of money to build but if you live by the bay this could be your chance to get non-stop electricity. This allows you to turn the kinetic energy of the water waves into electricity.


Other Efficient Alternative Energy include

* Solar Water Heating

* Solar Air Conditioning

* Tesla Powerwall

* Nuclear power

* Geothermal energy

* Biofuel

* Biomass

* Natural Gas




The renewable energy without doubt will surely take over from the uses of fossil fuels because of their numerous benefits of which include;

  1. They reduce utility bills when used.
  2. They reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels.
  3. They help increase the “peak load generating capacity,” thereby saving the cost of production.
  4. They help in contributing clean and green power.
  5. They actually help to create jobs.
  6. They save money and time, and they also reduce hazardous human activities on the environment.

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