How To Pay Poly Ibadan School Fees For Different Departments And Other Admission Fees

The Polytechnic, Ibadan popularly known as “Poly Ibadan” and “Ibadan Poly” is a tertiary institution of higher studies in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

It was founded in the year 1970. Like other polytechnic in Nigeria, Poly Ibadan was established to provide an alternative form of higher education to universities.

This is particularly important in the learning of the technical skills necessary. Another unique thing about the Polytechnic Ibadan is her unique slogan written in Yoruba language. It reads; “Ise loogun Ise”. This means ‘Work the medicine for poverty’. It is a classical Yoruba proverb which tries to prove the fact that hardwork is the way out of poverty.



The Polytechnic Of Ibadan Curriculum

The institution offers a wide varieties of specialized courses in different fields of study. Each course runs with the main objective of enhancing the vocational capacity of workers, especially technical and commercial workers. Poly Ibadan is known to provide the opportunities that offers the most recent advances in knowledge and in technical studies.

The Polytechnic of Ibadan awards qualified students with the  National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) and other professional certificates in the various departments under the following faculties;

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  2. Faculty of Science
  3. Faculty of Environmental Studies
  4. Faculty of Financial Management Science and
  5. Faculty of Business and Communication Science

The Polytechnic offers the full time, part time and sandwich programs for each of the department, and she allows for the creative development and research on the business world and the teaching industry.


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How To Pay Poly Ibadan School Fees And The Acceptance Fee

All payment to the Polytechnic of Ibadan is done on the institution’s own website.

See procedure below.

  1. Log on to the Polytechnic Ibadan portal @
  2. Log in to the portal by entering your JAMB registration number as your clearance number and password.
  3. Navigate to the left side tab on the school’s website and click on the payment you wish to make. (Either acceptance fee, school fee, faculty charges etc.).

This payment would require the use of your debit card.

  1. When the payment page has been displayed, input your card details and click pay.



The above payment procedure is applicable to all the department in all the various faculties.

Once payment has been successful, a blue page would be displayed. This is to confirm that the payment was successful. You would also get a confirmation message by SMS and by mail from the administrator.

But, if the blue page was not displayed, but a different webpage was shown, this means that the payment has not been confirmed. Keep calm and do not try paying again. Instead, check your Payment History to see your status. If status displays PENDING, then wait for the transaction to complete.

If transaction report displays “FAILED”, and your account has been debited, then click on the “Resolve” button showing there. Wait for some time for it to be resolved and if not, contact the school support email directly at

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  1. I received a message last week that Informed me about my chances of getting admitted into the school even when I didn’t choose it when I registered for utme.I was shocked. so, I am now inquiring for some enlightenment before getting my hopes up. The message said the faculty of engineering received my utme details from jamb and the school would be willing to admit me if I can pay a 1000 Naira for the screening test, that I’ve been chosen for your screening exercise…
    It’s sent by an unknown no. named “inform” this 07031816147 alongside your web. address were therein for enquiries..

    • I would advised that you take time to visit the school for proper confirmation.


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