Co-operative Bank Of Kenya: Loans Availability, How To Register And Procedure For Loans

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya is a commercial bank in Kenya licensed by the central bank of Kenya. It was founded in 1965 and its headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. The Bank operates over 4 million accounts and is the second Kenyan bank with the highest customer base. The bank has an asset of over US$3.4billion and has employee strength of over 3,000 to meet the growing demands of its numerous customers.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya is known for focusing on the needs of co-operative societies in Kenya as well as individuals, small and large business owners.


Loans Available At The Co-operative Bank Of Kenya

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya operates a number of loans that are available for members of the public to meet various needs. Listed below are loans available at the Co-operative Bank of Kenya


Short And Long Term Loans

These are loans issued to business with the aim of acquiring specific assets. The repayment period is between six months and five years depending on the applicants need.

Features Of The Short And Long Term Loan

  • Meant for financing specific assets or projects
  • Depends on a pre agreed repayment period
  • Operates on an equal monthly installment payment
  • Can be denominated in Kenyan shillings, dollars or other currencies.


  • The asset been financed can serve as security
  • Aims at enabling a business acquire assets for growth and expansion
  • Monthly repayments are agreed before granting loan
  • Repayment period is up to 5 years


Working Capital Loans

This loan is specifically for coffee farmers or coffee estates owners alone


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Features Of The Working Capital Loan

  • The loan is to be used in the day to day running of coffee farming procedures such as weeding, planting etc.
  • Operates on an interest rate of 5% annually
  • Money is paid directly to the customer’s account
  • Coffee estates can get a loan of up to Kshs 5million
  • Operates on a 12 months period


Education Savings Scheme (ESS) Loans

This loan aims at encouraging Sacco members to save and build a reserve fund which will then serve as collateral for obtaining loans from the bank to pay their school fees. During the period when schools resume many Sacco members are in demand for money to offset their fees this was the reason behind setting up this loan by the Co-operative bank of Kenya to assist members.


Maziwa Loans

The co-operative bank of Kenya operates a number of loans under the Maziwa structure namely Maziwa loan, Maziwa loan 2, and the Maziwa Plus loans aimed at assisting individual mainly in the dairy society or operating a dairy farm to access funds to meet pressing demands. Individuals can borrow up to Kshs 1million and societies can borrow up to Kshs 10million and the repayment period ranges between 12-60 months depending on the loan.


MCo-op cash loans

The MCo-op cash loans are available in three tiers. The secured personal loans, the business loans and the flexi (salary advance) loans.


Secured Personal Loans

These loans are available to customers with savings in Mco-op cash. The loans are based on the amount of customer savings at the time of loan application which can be up to Kshs 200,000.


Business Loans

Get a loan of up to Kshs 50,000 available to customers with already have Co-op bank loan.


Flexi Loan (salary Advance)

This loan is available to customers who have paid back a Flexi loan from Co-op bank before. The loan issued is up to Kshs 100,000 for bank customers.


Applying For Loans

Customers can apply for loans online at or by visiting the nearest branch and speaking with a loan agent for more info.


Co-op Bank Contacts

020 277 6000, 0703 027 000, or 0736 690 101

SMS 16111


WhatsApp: 0736 690 101

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