Zenith Bank is one of the great banks in Nigeria. It is usually accorded as the bank of the rich. This is as a result of the account opening procedures, requirements and calibres of people using the bank in the last few years. Today, zenith Bank is not only for the rich, its now for everyone who cares to operate an account with them on a more friendly terms.


In this piece, we shall take a look at the opening and operating current bank account. The current bank account used to be one of the very difficult account to open with stringent requirements and procedures but zenith Bank offers a more friendly requirement with other great benefits that promises great customer satisfaction.


Current Bank Account

It is important for us to know what a current bank account means or looks like. Generally, it is a non interest bank account opened and operated by businesses. It often uses checks and helps businesses to carry out transactions without any difficulty. It helps its users to make payment by cheques, pay orders, demand drafts etc. It also enables short term borrowing called overdrafts. The current zenith bank account could either be Platinum Premium Account or Gold Premium Account. While the former is for people with high inflow of transactions and the latter for low inflow of transactions.


Requirements For Zenith Bank Current Account

Before you can successfully open a current account, there are few things you will need to make available, these include;

  1. A filled account opening form
  2. A valid means of identification such as voter’s card, national ID, Driver’s license etc.
  3. Two references
  4. A passport photograph of authorized signatories
  5. A utility bill receipt of not more than three months old such as PHCN bill, rent receipt etc.
  1. Residential visitation report


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Procedures Of Opening A Zenith Bank Current Account

Opening a zenith current bank account is very easy and without stress.  Here are steps you may need to follow.

  1. Get all the account opening requirements ready.
  2. Kindly walk into any zenith bank branch close to you, make your way to customer service desk and make your intention known.
  3. You will be given the application form which you are expected to fill. You may also download this form online here https://www.zenithbank.com/personal-banking/bank-accounts/current-account/ and fill it from home.
  4. Submit the filled form with the supporting documents.
  5. Wait why the customer service officer work on it to get the account opened for you.

Once the account opening application has been approved, you will get an SMS informing about the new account with the account number. Now you may start to bank with zenith bank


Features Of Zenith Bank Current Account

There are a few features that makes the zenith bank Current account unique and worth consideration, please find below its features;

  1. It can be opened without an initial opening balance
  2. You will get a debit card for card transactions
  3. Internet banking services are available on the account
  4. It comes with both email and SMS alerts for transactions
  5. Eazymoney (mobile money) option is available for transactions
  6. Check book will be issued


For further enquiry, you may kindly walk into any zenith bank branch close by to make enquiry or get for yourself.



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