Coren Registration, The Requirements And All You Must Know

For anyone to become an official member of COREN is prestigious and respected across Nigeria. Are you an engineer who is looking for COREN registration requirements? Today, we will show you all you need to know about the registration.

COREN which stands for Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, is a respected membership body for all engineers who live and work in Nigeria.

Here Are COREN Registration Requirements

Individual Registration

  • At least a 4 years of post-graduate studies.
  • A supervision by a senior registered engineer.
  • All applicant must register with either NAEC/NATE/NSE/NISET.
  • You must provide school transcripts via a post, email or manually.
  • You must provide 2 proposals as they will be submitted during the online application.
  • A completed form online and all the required files.
  • Payment of registration fees.
  • A valid email address and personal details (phone number, address, etc).

The Registration For Companies

  • The company should have CAC registration along with incorporation Certificate.
  • The owner must be a registered engineer
  • And at least two of the partners must be registered engineers and pay for all their practicing fees in time.
  • Any shareholder who has 55 percent or more shares must be a registered engineer.

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The Necessary Registration Requirements You Must Meet If Your Company Want To Qualify For COREN Membership

  • You must provide a professional report on all the engineering design, study, and supervisions under the organization that wishes to register.
  • Your company must demonstrate the ability to complete complex projects that last at least 3 years after successful COREN registration.
  • You must provide a reference letter from a COREN member.

Below are the list of documents required for company registration:

  • A company brochure
  • A completed corporate affairs application (form 2)
  • CV of owners or partners
  • An annual return form
  • COREN application form

The Procedure For COREN Registration

Please note that all applications are to be submitted online. Below are the procedures for online registration:

  • You need to download the proposer and work experience forms via before you start filling the application form online as this is a requirement among the documents to be uploaded during the registration process.
  • Please visit the registration page via
  • Fill and complete all the basic details required
  • Select your category as it applies to you. Please fill all the basic details, click on the Register button, a pop up to verify your payment details will come. Once you confirm your payment details, click on Pay button, you will be directed to Remita payment gateway.
  • Pay online with your Debit Card or print the generated Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and proceed to any of the bank listed on the Remita Payment Gateway page to make payment.
  • You need to click on the Login button to continue with your registration. Select the Registered Applicant Option as Login Type, then login.
  • Once you login, click on Application tab, it will load all the information you are expected to fill.
  • Then click on Profile Info, fill the details under Basic, Contact and Other Information
  • Click on all other relevant tabs – Education, Work Experience, Membership of Engineering Bodies, Non-Nigerian Extra Info (For Non-Nigerian only).
  • You must click on document tab to upload all relevant document. No single upload should be more than 500kb.
  • Once done, click on Application Approval under the Request tab to submit your application. After which, click on Request Application Approval button to submit your application.

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