Airtel Mifi Prices For Different Packages With All The Benefits

This unique Airtel E5336 MiFi device allows you to connect your system and also allows your friends to connect theirs through you while surfing the internet. And the good part is it can be used as a wireless modem when the Wi-Fi is enabled.

Note that a maximum of 10 wireless users can access the E5336 Mi-Fi at the same time, which is equivalent to that of MTN and the Ntel Notion MiFi. And also the Airtel MiFi default password is Airtelmifi, which means you can change the password and enter your new strong password before using.

For now, you can directly use the default settings (or configure APN on the E5336 Web page) and also set up a wireless network connection. After which, you can access the Internet. Note that you can set up the WLAN with the access point (AP) function.

There is a reason why the Airtel MiFi is one of the best, the reason is the price affordability. This device is pocket-friendly, portable and easy to carry around without anyone noticing it. This Airtel MiFi allows you to surf the internet via 3G, or Wi-Fi.

Once you are using the E5336 Mi-Fi in areas with a Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, a cafe, an airport, a hotel, or your home, the E5336 Mi-Fi switches to Wi-Fi connection automatically, which saves your 3G network traffic fees. Once you enable the function, a maximum of nine wireless users can join in accessing the E5336 at the same time.

You will be given a free Airtel SIM card once you purchase this device which is equipped with 4GB Data on activation and offers you a 100% Bonus Data on 200MB and above x11 Months.

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Here Is The Airtel E5336 MiFi Router Specification

  • The Technology: it has WiFi & LTE network
  • The Network Type: is LTE / 3G / 2G
  • The Data Speeds: it has LTE TDD (Category 3)
  • The Wireless LAN: it has 4 Ghz Wi-fi with Auto channel selection WPA & WPS
  • The Support WiFi: it has 2.4Ghz / 5.Ghz
  • The Dimensions: it has 106mm x 58mm x 15.8mm
  • The Weight: is 103g                  
  • The SIM: it has one SIM Slot
  • The Storage: it has one Micro-USB slot
  • It has one Power On/Off switch
  • It has a dual antenna extension ports
  • The Battery: is 15000mAh capacity

We have different types of Airtel 4G LTE MiFi Router with different design and colors. Note that some can connect with 15 and 10 WiFi-enabled devices.

And also, it has a long Wi-Fi range and the battery capacity can last you at least 6hrs once it is fully charge with 300 hours of standby time.

The Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

Right now, Airtel is the only Nigerian mobile network that offers unlimited data plans to subscribers, they include:

  • The Unlimited 10: The unlimited 10 plan offers unlimited data for just N10,000 which is valid for 30 days, note that fair usage policy applies after 40GB. In case you want to subscribe, just dial *462*10#
  • The Unlimited 15: This Airtel plan offers unlimited data for N15,000 which is valid for 30 days, note that fair usage policy applies after 65GB. If you want to subscribe, just dial *462*15#.
  • The Unlimited 20: The unlimited 20 plan offers unlimited data N20,000, which is valid for 30 days. Note that fair usage policy applies after 100GB. If you want to subscribe, just dial *462*20#.

Please note that a fair usage policy simply mean that the speed will be reduced to 250Kbps after the set data point is reached. The Unlimited plans can be enjoyed using an Airtel Router or MiFi device.

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