The Credit Direct Loan Limited happens to be a non-bank finance company with its Head-Quarters in Lagos, Nigeria. They were established in 2007 and focused on providing a Payroll based consumer loans to qualified individuals.

Credit Direct currently operates in about 25 states in Nigeria which include the Federal Capital Territory– Abuja. They have a staff strength of over 1000 employees and also an active customer base which is over 300,000. The company is positioning itself to becoming the dominant market leaders in the unsecured micro-lending space in Nigeria.

Credit Direct 12- hour quick turnaround loan product which is known as sharp sharp, is its flagship product and also the core of its business. The credit direct introduced its Asset-based loan product in 2017, which offers customers the ability to purchase household items. The Credit Direct Limited launched a new product, which they call empower the Corps in 2015. This product is meant to provide loans to corps members to start up a small business, and add a professional.

Here Are Credit Direct Loans, The Requirements And How To Apply

The Sharp-Sharp Loan

Note that this loan is designed to meet the financial needs of civil servants with very little documentation. The Sharp-sharp loan is considered the most easiest and cheapest in the country with a customer base of over 170, 000 people.

The Features Of Sharp-Sharp Loan

  • The Loans for salaried workers and also non-salaried entrepreneurs
  • The disbursement is within 24hrs upon submission of complete documentation.
  • The loan Tenors ranges from 1 to 12 months.
  • The disbursement Methods are Direct Credit to bank Account OR through CDL Cash Card.
  • A Life and hospitalization insurance for all customers.

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The Requirements For Sharp-Sharp Loan

  • A completed Loan Agreement Form and an attached passport photo.
  • A Letter of Introduction and an Employment/Confirmation letter.
  • A Guarantor Submissions, a Proof of residence, Proof of earnings and also a Post Dated Cheques.
  • A valid Identification, either a Driver’s ID, your National ID or International passport.
  • A Working ID for salaried person only and also Bank Statements/Pay Slips.


For You To Apply For A Sharp-Sharp Loan

Just visit any credit direct loan offices close to you or you can apply online through their official website at

The Cash To Go Loan

It’s a low pricing quick loan product that is designed for professionals. Very fast and has a convenient repayment plan and an excellent customer service to make sure that their needs are timely met.

The Features of cash to go loan

  • You will have access to N1 million or more.
  • A 12 Months repayment plan.
  • You don’t need a Guarantor.
  • You don’t need an account Opening.

The Requirements For Applying On Cash To Go Loan

  • You need 1 Passport Photo.
  • You need a staff Identity Card.
  • An employment Letter and Last Salary Review Letter.
  • A valid means of ID either a National ID Card, Driving license, Voters card or an International passport.
  • A 3 months stamped bank statement
  • A Pension Statement which is for current account holders.
  • A Post-dated Cheques Covering Loan Tenor.
  • Provide your BV Number.

For you to apply for this loan

Just visit any credit direct loan offices close to you or you can apply online through their official website at                                     


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