Vfs Global Nigeria: The Requirements For Application Of Visa And All The Fees Involved

The VFS Global happens to be the world’s largest outsourcing and also technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. They manage the administrative and also non-judgmental tasks related to visa, identity management, passport, and also other citizen services for their client governments. However, this allows them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment.

Vfs global has about 3093 application centres and also operations in 147 countries across 5 different continents, they serves the interests of about 62 client governments. They have successfully processed over 203 million applications since their establishment in 2001, with over 84 million biometric enrolments since 2007.

This company provides different services to visa applicants, all aiming at enhancing customer experience in public services with a seamless and automated process. But the company do not play any part in the decision making process of any visa applications, whether granted or denied.

The VFS Global employs well trained and dedicated staff across 5 different continents, and they also invest in its people and technology operations.

The company which is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has a Swiss parentage and also its a portfolio company of EQT, a major leading global private equity firm that is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The EQT has portfolio companies in Asia, Europe and also North America.

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Their Visa Application Fees

  • For short Term visas (up to 90 days stay) which are for Business, Invitation, Tourism, Sport competition, Religious Purposes, Medical treatment, Transit and Airport Transit cost about 60 euros
  • For short Term visas for children going on tourism (Between 0 – 6 years) is free
  • For short Term visas for children going on tourism (Between 6 – 12 years) is about 35 euros
  • For long Stay Visas which are for Work and Residence permit, and Family members of Non- EU nationals, is about 195 euro

The Visa General Requirements

Any persons who want to get visas must first meet the requirements. Applicants must prove that they have no criminal records for minimum of one year. Applicants might also have to provide a police certificate to support their claim. And apart from this requirements, there are certain important documents that would be needed in order to apply for visa. Below are the documents:

  • You need an International Passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months
  • Applicant’s passport must have at least two unused page for entry and departure visa endorsements. 
  • You need a proof of the visa application fee payment (An original receipt).
  • You need a 29mmx34mm, coloured passport with white background.
  • Provide a financial documents to proof that you can financially sustain yourself in country you want to go. However, this documents might include a six month bank statements, a proof of earnings or the financial document of your guardian in the country you want to visit, which must have sufficient resources to financially support you.
  • You need a letter of Introduction
  • A marriage certificate if applicable
  • Your children birth certificate (if any)
  • A Proof of ownership
  • Your tax clearance if applicable

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