How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria, The Requirements And The List Of Accredited Schools With Other Info

For most of us, our childhood dreams is to become Engineers, medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. for most low and middle income families, wanting one of their children to become a pilot was not one of their future agenda because of the perceived expense they feel is associated to becoming  a professional pilot in Nigeria.

In today’s generation, most young people are very curious wanting to know how they can become a professional pilot. If you are among those who would like to become a pilot here in Nigeria, then this post is for you.

Here we will show you how your dreams of becoming a pilot can be fulfilled and we will also show you the list of accredited Aviation School in Nigeria and their requirements.

To become a professional pilot in Nigeria, there are some stages you would pass through to become a pilot and their requirement;



The First Stage: Choosing An Aviation School

Before choosing an Aviation School, you must have the following knowledge about the future profession you are about to embark on.

  • You must study very hard if you want to become a pilot.
  • You must be disciplined
  • You must have self-control
  • You will have to pay a whole lot of fees for your education
  • You must know that getting a high paying job after graduation will not be that easy because you need to have to attain several flying hours before you would be earning high salary.

We have more than 10 Aviation Schools in Nigeria, make sure to find out if a school is officially approved by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) before you choose a school to attend.



The Second Stage: Nigerian Pilot Certificate

There are important certificates you must have to become a pilot in Nigeria

  • An Aviation certificate
  • A medical certificate

Here are the different aviation certificate you would need to be a pilot in Nigeria after graduating from the Aviation school;


Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) 

This is the certificate needed if you want to fly a private small plane


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Instrument Rating (IR) 

It is a must have documentation needed as a pilot because it proves that a person can control the plane during bad weather.


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) 

If you wish to work as a private or commercial pilot, then this document is required. But this document will only let you become a flight instructor by teaching students how to fly and you also earn more flying hours which is good for becoming a full pilot in the future.


Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPC) 

This certificate is required by the Commercial Flight Company from anyone who want to become a commercial pilot in Nigeria, but you must be older than 22 years to get this document.



The Final Stage: Becoming A Pilot

Before becoming a pilot, you must have studied for 4 years and have earned 40 to 4000 flying hours. Big commercial companies will want to hire you if you have a pilot diploma and have earned 4000 flying hours.

Other General Requirements

  • You must be at least 17 years of age
  • You must have a secondary school education
  • You must have a minimum of 5 credits of O level certificate which includes English language, mathematics and physics.


List Of Top 5 Accredited Aviation Schools In Nigeria

  1. Nigeria College Of Aviation Technology
  2. International Aviation College
  3. Landover Aviation Business School
  4. Universal School Of Aviation
  5. Dhaewood Aviation Business School.

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