Different Transactions You Can Perform On Uba 919 Magic Banking Code And Charges Involved

It will interest you to know that UBA is one of the biggest banks in the country and their decision to introduce a mobile magic banking USSD code (*919#) is one of the best things ever.

Note that with the mobile magic banking USSD code, you no longer need any internet to carry out your banking transactions.

Here Are Different Transactions You Can Perform With UBA Magic Banking Code

No matter what you intend to do, whether you are opening an account, paying bills or making a transfer, UBA got you covered and below are all the things you can do with UBA mobile banking codes.

To Open A New Account With UBA

Just dial *919# from the line you want to be receiving alert with and then select any option. It will prompt you to sign up and then create an account. Note that your account number will be sent to you through SMS.

To Create A Mobile Transfer PIN

For you to be able to authorize transactions, you will needs a transaction pin. So dial *919# from the line you use to receive alerts and then select any option.

You will be asked to register using your account number or a prepaid card if you have not yet registered. Then follow the steps and create a 4 digit transaction pin.

To Send Funds To Another UBA Account

If you want to send money from your UBA account to another UBA accounts just dial *919*3*account number*amount#. For example, *919*3*2312548739*5000#. After which, then follow the onscreen prompts.

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To Send Funds To Other Banks

If you intend to send money to other banks from your UBA account, just dial *919*4*account number*amount#. For example, *919*4*2628973636*50000#. After which, select the bank and then follow the onscreen prompts.

To Buy Airtime

If you want to buy airtime for yourself using the UBA magic mobile banking code, just dial *919*Amount# with your UBA registered line. For example, *919*200#.

Recharging for your friends and family members, just dial *919*Phone Number* Amount#. For example, *919*08123456789*200#) and then enter your transaction pin when prompted.

To Book For Air Flights

For you to pay for your flight, simply dial *919*12# and then enter your 4 digit Magic Banking transaction PIN and then select bank account to pay from. Choose your desired airline and then input your flight PNR (Passenger Name Record).

After which, enter phone number of passenger and the payment amount (Passenger Name Record) and you are done.

The Flight You Can Pay For And Their Codes

  1. Africa World Airline => *919*12*394#
  2. Ethiopian Airline => *919*12*071#
  3. Egypt Airline => *919*12*077#
  4. Lufthansa => *919*12*220#

To Pay Bills Like DSTV, PHCN

To pay your DSTV subscription and your Electricity bills using the UBA mobile banking code, just dial *919*5# and then follow the on-screen prompt

To Reset Your Transaction PIN

For those who forgot their UBA transaction pin, you can reset it by simply dialling *919#, then select PIN Setup and then change or reset your PIN

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