DSTV Box Office: How To Subscribe, Setup And Fix Problems On The Platform

Box office is an online movie rental service. This service is offered by DStv and is available to all and sundry who have access to a broadband Internet connection. Box Office offers an enriched catalogue of movies for movie lovers ranging from new movies to Classic blockbusters. As a user of the box office, you can keep a rented movie for up to 48 hours.



How To Set Up And Subscribe With Your Box Office Account

To use the box office, you are required to own a box office account first, kindly follow the steps below to achieve this:

  1. Log on to https://boxoffice.dstv.com
  2. Navigate and click on “sign up” to create an account
  3. On the following page, choose whether or not you are a DStv customer.
  4. On the next page, you are to provide your DStv account number and your smartcard number if you select DStv customer.
  5. Fill out the other required details and your account will be created.
  6. After creating an account, then browse through the catalogue to select your choice of movies.
  7. Next is to choose a payment method to rent your selected movie. You can make payment with your MasterCard, Verve, Visa or Credit cards.
  8. Next is to watch your movie at your convenience.


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Familiar Issues With The Box Office

There are few known issues that may be problem while using your box office online. Below are few of them and how to get over them.

  1. For those using Apple MAC platform, you may experience delay in the loading of the PayU payment page. There is no problem, kindly exercise patience for it to take its full course. You may also experience delay in movie download after rental service has been initiated, please do contact customer care if you experience this.
  2. To prevent inability to rent movies on box office, please upgrade to the latest version of the DStv Desktop Player if you are using one.
  3. The latest version of the DStv Desktop Player may take up to 30 minutes to fully install. It is most preferred to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. Your previous downloads are secure but they will be lost if you don’t uninstall and install.
  4. If you want to have two desktop DStv player versions, please note that you won’t be able to play the downloaded movies in the other version except in the version used to download it.
  5. Please note that failed download will still appear in “My Account” page and when you launch without internet connection, the login will be greyed.


If you have any comment, questions or other issue with your box office account and its functions, you may fill out note of complaint here https://boxoffice.dstv.com/contact-us and you will get a response. You may as well simply click on the live chat on the home page of the website to chat with an agent online.

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