Ecobank Express Cash: How To Get Started And The Benefits With Functions

Ecobank Nigeria ( The Pan- African Bank is a commercial bank operating in Nigeria and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria .Founded in 1986, it is headquartered in Lagos and operates as a universal bank providing wholesale, retail, corporate, investment and transaction banking services to its customers in the Nigerian market. The bank divides its operations into three major division:

– Retail Banking

– Wholesale Banking

– Treasury and financial institution



Ecobank has grown to a network of over 600 branches in Nigeria with offices in 36 African Countries including Benin Republic, Cameroon, Burkina-Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Guinea, Ghana and so on. It also maintains a banking subsidiary in Paris and representative offices in Dubai, London and Johannesburg. Ecobank Transnational Incorporated is the parent company of Ecobank group.



The bank’s focus is on providing solutions- oriented, high quality products and services to its customers. Ecobank offers innovative products and services including mobile and internet banking, cash remittance, card payment gateway, funds transfer, bills and third party payments and so on.


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Ecobank Expess Cash

This is a safe and secure way to carry cash everywhere you go. It is handy, multipurpose prepaid card available in 30 African countries including Nigeria. The service was unveiled to address the needs of the unbanked populace and also an upgrade to the already existing mobile banking application. It allows customers to withdraw cash from any Ecobank ATM using e- Tokens generated from the Ecobank app. Customers can also send e- Tokens to their loved ones via SMS, email and social media. This new product also offers several benefits such as simple account opening without paper documentation and the ability to withdraw cash without the use of an ATM card. It is a digital account that is mobile based and can be used by smartphone users and feature phones.



How It Works

  1. Download and install the Ecobank mobile app on your mobile phone.
  2. Open the app and fill in the required fields your personal details then submit.
  3. Generate an account number which you save.
  4. Generate an e-Token or code to enable you do a cordless withdrawal from any Ecobank ATM across the country.
  5. The e – Token can also be sent via SMS or WhatsApp.
  6. Deposit cash either through transfer or paying in cash at any Ecobank branch.
  7. Withdraw cash from any Ecobank ATM or Ecobank money agent.



Benefits Of Ecobank Express Cash

  1. Pin is protected with chip technology for enhanced security.
  2. Card to card funds transfer.
  3. Individual customer web profile to view statements and check balances.
  4. Carry cash wherever you go.
  5. Saves the stress of going to a bank and queuing in the bank hall.
  6. Zero account service fee.
  7. No references needed.

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